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In the present time of global communication, Internet has become a part of our life. Now a day’s almost every work is done on internet. There are various browsers that are available for the internet namely the internet explorer, Google chrome, fire fox etc. Out of all these the Google chrome, fire fox and the opera mini are the most favorite internet explorer. Repeatedly we come with some brilliant add-ons for every browser that can make our browser simpler to us. Some of these best add-ons for browsers like Google chrome, Firefox and opera mini are listed below:

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Best New Google Chrome add-ons


This add on is the latest add on for the Google chrome browser. By these add on one can watch videos simply by hovering your mouse over their links as well as get faster and larger previews of pages without opening them and zoom photos on Facebook and other sites.

Ge.tt for Twitter

This add on is one of the favorite add on for the users addicted to twitter. Through this add on one can post photos or videos easily. All the user has to do is install this add on then click the attach button to attach any file we want. This add on is also available for fire fox browser.

Clipboard Sync

This add-on lets you synchronize data from your clipboard across your Google account. Copy text on one device running Chrome and you can paste it onto another. Just click the toolbar icon in both browsers to copy and paste the content. You will need to select ‘Sync everything’ in Chrome’s settings.

Inbox Pause

Sometimes there are lots of mail coming into our Gmail inbox when we are engaged in some other works and as a result not able to receive or read the mails. For this purpose the add on inbox pause comes in handy. This add on helps in pausing the incoming of the mails until that time, we are ready to receive the mails.

Some of the Best New Firefox add-ons

Instagram for Firefox

The add on Instagram one of the most popular apps of the year 2012. Through this, add on any user can easily share photos on the net. In addition, the user can view their own feeds and images, and edit your profile, by clicking the icon in the bottom-right corner of the browser. This adds on is also available for Google chrome browser.

LikeBuster for Firefox

This add on helps in hiding the annoying spam entries in our mail when any of our friends like something in facebook. However this add on also allows us to see when someone ‘likes’ our comments and posts.

Geography Puzzles

This add on performs the dual function of providing an entertaining game as well as can increase our geographical knowledge in form of jigsaw puzzle. In this add on we can choose a continent and number of pieces. Then we can start the game by clicking shuffle button and sit down to complete the picture of the continent.

In the last some of the Best New Opera add-ons include I’m Not Here which is a geo location add on that help in protecting our privacy by fooling the websites in thinking that we are at some other place and Now on BBC add on that can easily broadcast the BBC news channel to us up to date with the affairs of the world.

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