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Comments section of a blog is very important to move a conversation ahead and makes a blog active. It’s very very important to treat the comment section seriously and make it more people friendly. Specially if you are blogging on a self hosted wordpress, then you have all the freedom to customize your comment section in whatever way you like. Below I am providing few plugins for comment sections. They will not only enrich your commenter experience but also will make your job pretty easy.

When a blog gets popular, it gets a loads of comments everyday and hence bloggers turn on comment moderation. Even I recommend people to activate it. In this way you can delete or edit those spam comments, Akismet is not perfect. Lets get back to the post. When your blog will be successful, people will start commenting for various reasons. They might have liked your post or they want a backlink. They might want to be a successful blogger’s friend or they love participating in different conversations. They will be a lots of reasons. So, when you get such no of comments, how much time would you dedicate to moderate them? This comment moderation time will affect your posting rate. So, I suggest you to use some plugins which will make your blogging life more easier. Have a look on the list below.

  1. Extended Comment Options for WordPress: This wordpress comments plugin comes in handy. Very easy tyo use. You don’t need to edit your comments one by one. This plugin gives you an easy access to do whatever like with your comments.
  2. Dofollow: Many people do not like posting in NOFOLLOW blogs. NOFOLLOW is a keyword that googlebot recognizes and do not count the comment author’s websites as a linkback. But this plugin will make them DOFOLLOW. Which means the commenter’s website will have a DOFOLLOW link from your blog and this will make people to comment more and more.
  3. Comment Relish: This is a pretty cool wordpress comments plugin. It will allow people to send an e-mail directly to the people who have commented earlier. This will bring more user activity in your blog.
  4. Show Top Commentators: The title says it all. It will show the list of top commenters on your blog. And this might inluence your readers to comment more and more, so that they will get noticed.
  5. Live Comment Preview: By default there is a preview button where people can see the look of their comment. But this wordpress plugin will allow people to see the live preview of their comment even when they are typing. It uses an AJAX feature, so it loads fast.
  6. WordPress Paged Comments Plugin: Now suppose you are getting hundreds of comments. So, it will look ugly showing all those comments in one page, and this will also affect your page load time. But this plugin comes here as a charm. It will cut your comments into pages, like the way forums do. After certain no of comments, you have to go to that comment section’s 2nd page to view more comments and so on. I think this is more professional way to handle large no of comments.
  7. Get Recent Comments: This wordpress plugin will show the list of recent comments on your blog. So, that people will come to know about the recent activites.
  8. WP Ajax Edit Comments: I love this plugin. This will allow people to edit their comments within a specific time. And you can decide that time limit from the admin menu.
  9. Close Old Posts: In general old posts of a blog have higher PRs. So, most people try to comment on those old posts to get backlinks, but often, those comments are worthless. So, you can use this plugin to stop people from commenting on posts older than X days. Here you can determine the X. You may like to keep X=30 or X=180.
  10. Favatars: It will show your commenter’s avatar as their website favicon. This is not that much necessery, but still you can use it as it appeals.

I will add more later. So, keep checking my blog regularly. You can also subscribe to my blog to stay updated.

Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

5 Comments to 10 WordPress Plugins For Comment Section

  1. I'll have to disagree with you about #3. I consider it annoying, desperate, spamming since it's an unsolicited email.

    On #9, you shouldn't close comments on old posts for both SEO purposes and user reasons. Older posts are likely to get traffic from Google as well as Stumbleupon and other referral sources. Visitors will be disappointed to find that they can no longer join in the conversation or add a new observation to it. From a SEO perspective, new content on a page will often bring Googlebot by for another visit and reindexing. You should use Akismet and other, non-intrusive, anti-comment spamming plugins but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I'd also add Comment Luv and Keyword Luv to your list if you want to give your commentators the full benefit of a dofollow comment.

  2. @ Frank : Thanks for observing things and writing the comment. Now, let me explain you.

    About #3 : Yes, that might lead to spam mails, but think of the facility or the extra advantage that your readers would get. They will get the chance to contact each other, if they have something to say. Every coin has two faces, so here you are talking about the negative one while I am talking about the positive one.

    About #9 : My blog is pretty new now. Still, I am getting 10+ spam comments everyday. Now you can guess the amount of spam comments I will be getting if I get successful! And if I dedicate my time in removing those spam comments, I will get a very little time in my hand for posting or blog management. So, I guess this is required if you are having a very popular blog. I have also seen few successful bloggers applying this trick. Well, now if you are talking about SEO, yep, that will bring a little difference. Yes, a little. Because SEO least depends on comments. So, if someone is hungry about traffic or PR, he should not use this. But if you give more value to quality and user experience, then this plugin is recommended.

    Yes, I would also recommended Comment Luv. It will encourage people to comment. Will update this post with some more useful plugins later.

  3. I admire commentluv plugin and use it on my main website.. Atleast it gives a reason to users to add comment …

    Though new Google announcement of following nofollow links making me to remove it.. What do you suggest??

    I go through all the comments and see which ones deserve to be there and which ones don’t. I must say that after installing it

    my comments have increased and interaction with some commentators have also increased.

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