21 Symptoms Of Clinomania – Obsession with your Bed

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Are you Obsessed with your Bed or in relationship with your bed? In this article we will be talking about some undeniable facts that you are in love with your bed. Often you might have come across with people who just can’t leave their bedside or say are in obsession with bed. Here are some facts that will help you to find out whether you are one of them who is in relationship with your bed.symptoms clinomania

The facts here will help you find out your obsession with bed or how much you are obsessed with your bed.

  • After a long tiring day, you just want to be in your bed.

bed obsession 8

  • Whenever you see your bed, you can feel its warmth and seems you were longing for it.

bed obsession1

  • Getting into it gives you immense pleasure

bed obsession 10

  • Feelings that are exploding with joy and happiness

bed obsession 11

  • These lines are often uttered by you.

bed obsession 2

  • You just can’t leave your bed or it’s too difficult to part from it.
  • This is what you probably dream of

bed obsession 7

  • You often appreciate your bed more than anything or to anyone in life.

bed obsession 9

  • Bed is the sole being where you rely on for emotional comfort or when you are emotional

bed obsession 4

  • OR so much that it makes others emotional

bed obsession 5

  • Friends and roommates often tell you about your strong relation with your bed

bed obsession 6

  • Often you are suspicious that others are interfering in your life matter by disturbing your relation with your bed.

bed obsession 3

  • All you know is your bed and you feel like you don’t need to be the part of the society.

bed obsession 12

  • You like spending time in bed; you can eat and sleep in here

bed obsession 15

  • Do you even have thoughts that your bed doesn’t want you to leave?

bed obsession 16

  • Or say it deceives by telling that it needs you more than you need it

bed obsession16

  • Is it hard to get you out of bed?

bed obsession 14

  • Even if you leave early or plan to do so, you just find an excuse to be in it for few more minutes or find no valid point leaving your bed.

bed obsession13

  • The way your bed comforts you, no other worldly matter does so.

bed obsession17

  • Leaving your bed make you regret that it wasn’t worth it

bed obsession18

  • And this is what you reply as your Hobby or interest when you are asked about it.

bed obsession 19

Does these facts relate to your daily life? Then you are suffering from Clinomania, an obsession with your bed. Are you the one who is obsessed with your bed or in passionate relationship with your bed? Share your feelings and obsession by commenting in the comment section below. [Via]


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