4.5-inch iPhone to be Launched in 2014

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If you are a smartphone lover, then you must know about the popularity of large screen Android smartphones. These smartphones are becoming popular among users. If you are a big fan of iPhone, then you will be happy to know that Apple is planning to launch a larger screen iPhone in order to compete with Android smartphones. According to Macotakara, 4.5-inch iPhone will be launched in 2014. It means you will be able to purchase larger screen iPhone in the next year. This is really a great news for Apple product lovers who are waiting for the larger iPhone.

4.5-inch iPhone to be Launched in 2014

You should note that the thickness of the new iPhone will be more than than the thickness of the current generation iPhone. As we know the current generation iPhone features 4-inch display, but the larger iPhone will feature 4.5-inch display. According to Macotakara, a new material will be used in the 4.5-inch iPhone. This material is called as polycarbonate. Apple has already used it in MacBook. This new material is the reason behind the thickness of the larger iPhone. There will be a very little difference between the larger iPhone and the current generation iPhone. Macotakara has also reported that Apple will use dual LED flash in the next generation iPhone. It will improve the photography. Apple is also expected to use stereo speakers in the next generation iPhone as they have already used it in iPad mini.

The most interesting thing is that the larger iPhone will be cheaper than the iPhone 5. If you are waiting for the low-cost iPhone, then you will be happy to know that the larger iPhone will cost less than $400. According to Macotakara, Apple will sell 4.5-inch iPhone at a price of $330. No word from Apple regarding the launch date of the larger iPhone. If the report comes true, then the cheaper and the larger iPhone will be available for purchase in 2014.


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