4 Easy Error Code and Message Look-up Tools for Windows

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Have you ever encountered any sort of error code or messages in Windows? Many users keep on wondering what made the appearance of the error code. This becomes quite annoying if it is repeated. Today we will be discussing about some Windows Error Code and Message Look-up Tools that will useful for a novice a to detect the possible causes behind the error codes or say these tools will help you to find out the meanings of such Windows error codes and messages, so that you can resolve them before any severe issues occurs within your system.

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The tutorial here will be telling you about few tools that can help you identify the Error Code and Message that might cause severe issues in Windows.

Error Messages for Windows

Error Messages for Windows lets you to detect or identify Microsoft Windows error code numbers by displaying a detailed message that helps you understand the meaning of the numeric code. You can also print all of the error codes and messages that are defined for your version of Windows. This tool has been updated for Windows 8 and readily downloadable from its home page.

error messages for windows

Windows Error Lookup Tool

This utility tool is similar to that of Error Goblin or ErrMsg. This allows you to look up for Windows error codes. You can find out what actually the numeric error codes mean using these tools.

windows error lookup tool

Microsoft Error Code Lookup Tool

The Microsoft Error Code Lookup Tool is a command line tool that allows you to determine error values from decimal and hexadecimal error codes in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Windows Error Code Lookup

This lookup utility lists most common usage details of Win32 error codes, HRESULT values and NTSTATUS values. The Events and Errors Message Center allows you to find detailed message explanations, recommended user actions along with this also lets you to link to additional support and resources.

If you are unable to determine what exactly the error codes or messages mean, you can try the Windows Error Code and Message Lookup Tools described above. This will help you detect the actual cause for the error code, or help you fix error and eventually allows you to prevent your system from getting into severe issues or say helps to fix the errors that might cause issues within your system in near future.

Now onwards, whenever you see any errors on your Windows system, give a try to the tools described above.


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