6 Best Free iPhone Apps for Every College Student

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Many people like to download new apps every day for their smartphone. It allows them to enjoy several interesting features on their device. If you are using an iPhone, then you can download apps from the App Store. You can find many essential apps in the App Store. Some apps are specially designed for college students. Listed below are 8 essential apps for every college student. All these apps are available free of cost. You must download these apps for your iPhone.

1. Viber


You can keep in touch with your friends using this app. You can make free video calls with your friends using this app. It also lets users make voice calls and send text messages for free of cost. Your friend will have to install this app on their phone to enjoy these features. You will need to have an active internet connection to use this app.

2. Venmo


This app allows users to make payment for anything. The great thing about this app is that it allows users to share payments with their friends. You will be able to enjoy this feature after linking your bank account with this app. You don’t need to pay any money to use this app.

3. Lemon Wallet

Lemon Wallet

If you are a college student, then you must install this app on your phone. Using this app you can create digital copy of everything in your wallet for free of cost. It allows users to store information about payment cards, ID cards and many essential documents. If you lose your wallet, then this app will help you.

4. Duolingo


If you want to learn languages of different countries, then you must install this app on your smartphone. Using this app you will be able to learn different languages for free of cost.

5. AnyList


Have you ever wanted to share grocery list with your friends? You can do it easily using this app. If you make any changes in the list, then your friends will be able to see it instantly.

6. WaterIn


As we know water is essential for our body. Some college students forget to drink water due to the busy schedule. This app is specially designed for them. It will remind them to drink water. You can use this app for free of cost.

All the above apps are essential for every college student. Are you planning to install these apps on your phone? Share your views in the comment section below. [Via: Buzzfeed]


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