7 Amazing Apps to Add life to your Paintings and Drawings

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Are you all tired and bored using the similar technique of drawing? In this article we will be discussing about some awesome ways of presenting your drawing skills using Apps. These Apps gives you a new way of showing your painting skills and present a complete new face of drawing.

Nowadays, Smartphone’s are in great demand so as the apps accompanied with it. If you are someone who loves drawing then you can add these Apps to enhance your drawing creativity and present a beautiful form of drawing.

1. Lume


To add an extra feature to your drawing, use Lume. This App allows you to add custom light effects easily over your existing photos making it livelier.

2. Type Drawing

type drawing

You must be kind of tired of using the same paint brushes or pencils then here is an interesting App that allows you to draw using your words. Make new creativity using words. All you need to do is download the Type Drawing and choose words you want to use, font, and start drawing a different kind of picture.

3. Tunetrace


Have you ever wondered about what the images are trying to express? Now you can add much more feelings and life to your images using Tunetrace. This App creates music from your drawings or paintings. Sounds bit amazing, you draw and live it to Tunetrace to express your drawing.

4. Over


Add life to your pictures using Over. This App allows you to write texts using numerous fonts and place it on the pics.

5. Animated Images with Step


Animated pictures are increases interest. With Step one can easily create motion pics. Simply click pics and save them as GIF file and enjoy them anywhere. Cinemagram is another amazing App to create animation on your photos.


6. Paper


Now to sketch a picture you don’t need any paper or pencils or say no more paper is wasted. Paper is a kind of App that allows you to put forth different sketch designs using your Smartphone and assemble them.

7. What The Font


Often you come across several fonts and wish to have one of your pictures using that font but you don’t have any idea regarding the name or any detailed info about the app. What The Font is an interesting App that gives you detailed information regarding the font, so that you can make use of the similar font to create your own images. Simply take a photo of the font in question, upload it and search it using this App.

The Apps here seems to be amazing and really portrays a different form of Art making it livelier than before. Try out the Apps and share your views by commenting on the comment box below. [Via: BuzzFeed]


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