7+ Taskbar Numberer to Number tasks in Taskbar to Launch Programs Directly

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With the development and added features in Windows 8 OS, many software developers have come out with many utility programs to ease the Windows 8 users. Here we are going to discuss about a utility tool that numbers all the tasks opened in the taskbar so that it can be opened easily by hitting the number assigned to it. This is an easy way to directly open task without much hassle. Follow the tutorial here to get more information about the software.

tasknumberer windows open app directly

The utility program that we are talking about is called 7+ Taskbar Numberer. This utility tool assigns number to all the windows opened in the taskbar thereby making it comfortable for the user to directly open the task simply by hitting the number assigned to it.

By assigning numbers or say by numbering the tasks in taskbar you can not only open the task easily but also switch tasks easily rather spending time in looking for the tasks among a number of tasks in the taskbar. Usually we use keyboard shortcut Win+Tab to switch among tasks, but this becomes complicated if you have numerous applications running simultaneously on the system. Here 7+ Taskbar Numberer proves to be handy as it directs way of task switching i.e. you can directly open the tasks.


To use the utility and begin numbering your tasks in taskbar, firstly download the utility on the system. Once it is installed you can see the tasks or applications numbered in the taskbar. To open a particular application, simply press Win+ the number and you are with the application on screen.

While running applications you might have noticed significant number of tray icons which is little confusing and even looks quite clumsy for selecting a program. In this situation 7+ Task Bar Numberer is useful. It simply makes it easier for you to select tasks as it adds numbers to all the visible tray icons along with all the programs pinned in the task bar.

Following are the Shortcuts Keys to Use 7+ Taskbar Numberer

Win Key+ Number

As already told this is used to launch or open the task or application directly on screen. Let’s say We are running Media player at number 6, you can open the task by pressing Win+8 directly, regardless of the current program or application running on system screen.

Ctrl+Win key +number

This shortcut is useful in bringing up the last active task or application pinned to the taskbar.

Alt+Win key +number

This is the shortcut to open a list of programs pinned to the taskbar under a single number. For example say MS Word is numbered 4 so by pressing Alt+Win key + 4, it will open the list of all recent Word documents on screen.

So if you have number of program running on system, you can use the 7+ Taskbar Numberer to number the tasks or applications in the taskbar and open them directly by holding down Windows key + the number assigned to the task without much hassle.


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