83 Must Read Articles for Bloggers

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Here are some bare essentials for Bloggers which comprehensively cover all the requirements for becoming a professional blogger. Always remember that, the difference between ‘extraordinary’ and ‘ordinary’ is just an ‘extra’. Professional bloggers do not do different things, but they do things differently. This is really very difficult to make a name in this even increasing blogging field. So, I am providing you 83 articles. And remember that these articles are going to bring a huge difference in your blogging field. Read them all. Highly recommended.

Blogging Basics: Getting Started
1. How to “Announce” a Blog (Blog Traffic School)
2. Five Beginner’s Blogging Tips (John Chow)
4. The First 7 Days of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)

5. Put on Your Game Face (Pronet Advertising)
6. The Basics of RSS (Cheatppc)
Building Meaningful Content
7. How to Use Social News Aggregators as a Source for Content Ideas (Dosh Dosh)
8. 5 Ways to Building a Better Blog (Pronet Advertising)
Increasing Traffic & Retaining Readers
17. 10 Simple Ways to Retain Blog Readership (Matt Huggins)
22. A Very Simple Way to Increase Your RSS Subscribers & MyBlogLog Community Members (Dosh Dosh)
Linkbaiting, SEO, & Social Networks
26. 66 Ways to Build Links in 2007 (Brandon Hopkins)
28. Do You Digg This Headline? (Copyblogger)
33. Blogging SEO Basics (Matt Huggins)
36. 8 Simple SEO Tips for Blogs (JohnTP)
38. Is it OK to Write for Digg? (Copyblogger)
Building a Community
41. 5 Simple Ways to Encourage Blog Participation (Matt Huggins)
44. Top 5 WordPress Plugins That Help Increase Comments (JohnTP)
Blog Monetization
45. 8 Tips to Optimize AdSense Units (Daily Blog Tips)
49. Make Money from Your Blog (Matt Huggins)
50. Six Powerful Blog Strategies that will Rapidly Increase Your Affiliate Referrals (Dosh Dosh)
Blog Promotion
56. 21 Ways to Promote Your Startup Business (Business Credit Card)
57. How to spend $1,000 promoting your established site. (Make you go Hmm)
61. Blog Promotion: What makes sense for you? (Ten Keyboards) [Link not working]
62. Offline Blog Promotion Ideas – It’s All About Branding. (BlogExposure)
63. Using Video to Promote Your Business (ZeppelinMedia).
65. How To Use Community-Driven Blog Promotion For Your Blog (I Help you Blog)
67. Blog Promotion 101 (Problogger)
69. Blog Archive Promotion To-Do List (Successful Blog)
71. 42 Methods for Blog Promotion??? (Manojjasra)
72. 5 Surefire Steps To Increase Readership 300% (or more) (Performancing)
Miscellaneous Blogging Advice
78. The 5 Deadly Sins of Blogging (Pronet Advertising)
79. 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid (John Chow)
81. 6 Lessons Britney Spears Can Teach You About Blogging (Kumiko’s Cash Quest)

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