Aakash Tablet Rolling Out with New and Improved Version

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Aakash Tablet that has been heating up the Indian atmosphere since last year and still is eating away the tech news on the web and papers. It has got popular with the designation of “The World’s cheapest Tablet” and none has got survived from its influence, and it’s going to prove its chastity in the upcoming days too. Earlier I had disclosed the news of the $35 tablet going to hit by October 5 but due to some reasons it continued delaying. Hope you have enough patience because the tablet is looking laudable and when you get the Aakash in hand, you will absolutely be in elation.

aakash tablet android 2.3

The chief executive officer of DataWind, Suneet Singh Tulu, had earlier said to the media that they had not set any time frame for future launches yet they were working on 9 and 10 inch Android Tablets. They would include capacitive touchscreens and the company would try to price them under Rs 5,000.

How to Order Aakash Tablet:

According to ubislate, Aakash UbiSlate 7 is sold out and UbiSlate 7 + Upgraded Aakash‘s January and February pre booking is finished. Oh! Don’t get bleak, March pre-booking is still open. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on the upgraded version. Click  to order the UbiSlate 7 + Upgraded Aakash Tablet.


  • Inventory status – January & February – closed; March – Pre-Book Now
  • Price – Rs. 2,999/- ($56.42 as per $1= Rs. 53.15)
  • Operating System – Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Microprocessor – Cortex A8 – 700 MHz
  • Battery – 3200 mAh
  • Network Connectivity – WiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)

Display & Processor

Android OS 2.3 running tablet is a revolution inIndia and Kapil Sibal did a good job after introducing such a tablet for the  Indian students who had dreamt of an official portable device that can be used in the Institutions without any restriction and this portable tablet is an icing on top.  This is a 7 inch resistive touchscreen tablet with Cortex A8, 700 MHz Process with HD Video co-processor which means video watching and graphic designing will be awesome for the students. The screen resolution is of 800×480 pixels, where you can watch high quality streaming videos and HD quality video playback.


The tablet is not spotted with camera but you can use external camera by plugging in the USB port and the tablet already has 2 standard USB port of version 2.0. You can also use USB camera for video chatting by installing any video chat app from Android Market such as Tango, Skype etc. So, not a problem and you need not to worry about camera and related stuffs.

Multimedia & Connectivity

For multimedia, you can enjoy internet online music and plug into 3.5 mm jack to enjoy alone. For network connectivity the tablet supports GPRS, WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and WiFi hotspots. Whereas the old Android 2.2 Aakash tablet only had WiFi, but here in the upgraded version get the privilege of both the connectivity options. Get full access on using Facebook, Twitter, Web and Email. You can browse through the DataWind’s UbiSurfer browser which is based on 18 international patents. The browser has a fantastic speed of 10x to 30x. We all know that keeping our data in USB and pen drives are very common these days, so the two full sized USB will help to attach peripherals like external keyboards, web cams and dongles for 3G connections (if needed).  Another important fact about internet is that the access will be priced at Rs 99 for 2 GB (in India).

The tablet offers 256 MB of RAM and storage of 2GB Flash internally and expanded memory up to 32GB. Isn’t it great! For power, the tablet has got 3200 mAh battery that give power up to 3 hours and that can be charged with an AC adaptor of 200-240 volts. Other features include all versions of office document formats, games, educational software and around 150,000 apps.  Accessories for Aakash tablets include car charger and keyboard case that will be available soon.


This tablet is looking wonderful with low cost as well as features delivering with it. The high quality web access anytime anywhere is fabulous and now you can use Aircel 3G SIM or any operator because the embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allows access everywhere. WiFi hotspot and patented DataWind acceleration technology is perfect for social networking and is  right to use. You can use ordinary pen-drive and the most important fact is that, you can turn your tablet into a phone to make and receive voice calls. I am already fascinated with this tablet and it’s your turn to book one now before the stocks are out. Feel free to comment your reactions and queries regarding the Aakash tablet.


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