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TechCular LogoTechCular is a tech blog that covers Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google, Gadgets, and internet news. It was launched in 2008 with the solo aim to produce and have a database of sharp, accurate, informative, and useful contents.

This 3 yrs old tech blog makes sure that it’s huge subscriber base, which is over 50,000 via FeedBurner only, stays updated with all latest happenings around the tech niche. Today TechCular is being marked as one of the most popular and widely read tech blogs with over 11,000 helpful resources.

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About Soumya Pratihari

soumya pratihariSoumya Pratihari, the chief editor of TechCular.com, is a tech enthusiastic who opted for blogging as his career. It actually takes a lot of guts to consider blogging as a career but few people do not prefer to live a life that does not have hurdles, challenges, fun, knowledge, and some money.

He holds an Engineering degree in Information & Technology. Soumya is also a TV host by passion and hosted a number of popular TV shows including Ama Rasoi, Time Pass, Hip Hip Hurrey, Youth Club, and The Ultimate Guinness Book of World Records for a number of Oriya channels such as ETV-Oriya, OTV, and Tarang.

Apart from blogging, Soumya owns a C&F firm that deals with exclusive distribution of FMCG products throughout Odisha. He is now setting up his own movie production house to produce movies in some non-traditional genres. His first movie is about to get released in early 2012.

He is also a Samsung Mobiler. You can make Soumya a friend on Facebook or Twitter.