Access System Recovery Command Prompt in Windows 8

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What do you do when you find that your Windows won’t start up? However there are several culprits behind who cause the booting issue. If the system crashes or boot issues can be caused due to registry changes or driver conflicts or outdated or malware attack, and many more. However the most irritating ones is the Windows start up issues as you are not able to boot into system to use your tweaks to fix the issue. In this case, you can take help of Windows 8 Recovery Environment Command Prompt. Follow the tutorial below to find out how to access System Recovery Environment Command Prompt to resolve Windows 8 startup issues.

Access System Recovery Command Prompt

The question arises if the system encounters boot issues then how we can fix the startup issue. Well, here is how you can resolve this issue. As we know Windows 8 comes with better feature unlike its predecessors, Windows 8 Recovery Environment Command Prompt is one among them. Using this tool you can access your Windows Registry and file system which enables you to fix the registry issues or corrupt even when the Windows is offline.

If you ever encounter with any boot issues that resulted due to corrupted registry keys or malware infections in Windows 8, here is how you can use the Recovery Environment Command Prompt to fix them and have a error free system.

Recovery command prompt in Windows 8 specially comes in handy when it comes to removing Rootkits. These can hide or alter or corrupt registry entries and cause errors on system. You can view all files that are tend to be hidden by the infectious Rootkits with the Recovery Command Prompt to resolve the Windows start up issues. This tool detects the culprits causing errors for you, so that you can get rid of them and starts Windows without much hassle. .

Here is how you can access the Recovery Command Prompt and use it whenever you encounter any boot issues in Windows 8.

Steps to Access or start Recovery Environment Command Prompt in Windows 8

  • Type Advanced in Windows 8 start screen, from the results select Settings

advanced search

  • Now select option Advanced startup options. This will get you to the General tab under PC Settings

general pc settings

  • Here, scroll down to the option labeled Advanced startup.
  • Now, click on the Restart now button. By doing this Windows 8 restarts your OS and you can directly enter the Advanced Startup options menu.
  • Next, hit the Troubleshoot button followed by the Advanced options button. You are brought to the advanced options screen, here click on Command Prompt option. Thus, you are with a new screen with an open command prompt

command prompt

  • The new Company Prompt that appears is a small black Window displaying all your current folder location on the System. In the Command Prompt, you can type in the commands or actions you need to perform in the system.
  • Once you have completed your tasks in command prompt, type Exit and you will get back to Advanced options menu. Restart your PC.

The tutorial here shows you how you can access Windows 8 System Recovery Environment Command Prompt to fix issues.


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