How to Activate Windows 7 using Phone Activation Method

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Microsoft implemented a number of ways to activate Windows 7, and one of those ways is Phone activation. Windows 7 phone activation is one of the convenient activation methods that eliminates the online activation method. Windows 7 activation is required to unlock all limitations and use fully featured version. However, online activation methods are few times pretty slow or provides inaccurate activation results. On  the other hand since the number of trials is limited, user might end up using all available number of attempts.

Usually users need to enter Windows 7 product key and then Windows automatically opens Windows 7 activation wizard and connects to the online activation server. But it automatically falls back to phone activation if the user selects “Use the automated phone system” option when it cannot get activated online.

If you want to activate Windows 7 directly by phone, follow the below steps :

  • Click on Start button >> type the following piece of code in the Start Search text box and hit Enter
  • ENTERslui.exe 4
    Win7 phone activation

  • Select your country in the Click the nearest location drop down box to find the available phone numbers for activation in your region >> click Next
  • win7 phone activation location

  • Make a call to the phone number that’s listed on the activation wizard (select one number from toll-free, toll or SMS numbers)
  • Select Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Microsoft Office during the call (in this case, it’s Windows 7)
  • Follow the instruction to provide the Installation ID consists of 54 numbers with 9 groups of 6 numbers, listed on the activation wizard, by speaking the numbers to the IVR system (you can also enter numbers using phone keypad instead of using the voice recognition system)5.
  • IVR system will confirm the 48 digits long Confirmation ID with 6 numbers in 8 groups, listen to it carefully and take a note of it
  • Enter the confirmation ID into the box in activation wizard >> click Next button
  • phone activation

  • Windows 7 should have been activated now
  • You are done.

Following the above procedures, you can even activate Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 using phone activation method.

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