How to Add or Display Favicon on your Blogger Blog

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Favicons are generally small sized icons associated with a blog. These icons are displayed beside your blog’s URL so that anyone who visits your blog can see the favicon. Favicon gives your blog an unique value since your blog gets it’s own branded favicon which displays the theme of your blog or site. These favicons are small sized 16 x 16 or 32 x 32 icons. Here is the tutorial on how to display or add favicon to Blogger blog.

Favicons works as a logo since people tend to recognize a site from it’s favicon. If we see “g” or “Y!”, we come to know that this page belongs to Google and Yahoo! respectively. Adding a favicon to blogger blog is a nice step to add more value to your blog and help people to identify your site easily. Favicons can be in any format such as PNG, GIF, JPG etc and we need to convert it to .ICO format to set it as a favicon. Do note that you can not only make static favicons but you can also make animated favicons for your blogger blogs.

Blogger Favicon

How to create favicon for blogger blogs :

  1. First you need to create one favicon. Navigate to any of the following online favicon generators are create one favicon for your blog :
    1. Dynamic Drive
    3. HTML Kit
    4. Anti Favicon
    5. Degraeve
  2. Now upload the favicon to any of the image sharing websites such as Photobucket, Imageshack etc and get the link to your favicon
  3. Login to your Blogger dashboard and navigate to Layout >> Edit HTML >> search for <head> and then paste the following piece of code just below <head> :
  4. <link href='IMAGE URL HERE' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/'/>
  5. Replace IMAGE URL HERE with the actual link to your uploaded favicon and save the template
  6. You are done.

Now your blog should display your new favicon. If you want to keep an animated favicon for your blog, you can create animated favicons online at HTML Kit. If you want to keep any static and attractive favicon, you can choose one from the below favicon images.

Favicon Gallery

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