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All of us are aware of Microsoft’s Windows 8 feature that is different from the earlier version of OS. The live tiles metro screen interface have seek the attention of many users. If you are not having Windows 8 OS then also you can have the metro style interface on your computer and enjoy the live tile feature using software. Follow this tutorial to know how you can customize your Windows 7 and XP computers with live tiles start menu.

Windows 8 Metro UI for windows 7

Software named Windows 8 Start Screen Full and Newgen can be used to create live tiles on your Windows 7 and XP computers. These software are purely used for customizing the Start screen.

Newgen application is a collection of live widgets which displays some of the content from the web and some content from your PC. It currently supports WPF, HTML5 and HTML widgets. The app provides a store from where you can add widgets to the start screen. It allows you to customize the look and feel of the start screen from the settings menu.

Newgen Supports HTML widgets, launch favorite apps in just one click and allows you to customize the start screen, Provides easy-to-use API for Widget developers, etc. You can play videos and music without opening them and also receive all tweets and mails and weather reports instantly on the screen.

Alternate way to create live tile start screen is by using Windows 8 Start Screen Full. This is a freeware for Windows developed by dncube at DA. It creates Windows 8 Start Screen on your Windows 7 computer. You can drag the screen to scroll between tiles and arrange them. Some inbuilt tiles like news tile or weather tiles, etc. The software is only 12mb and is uses less resources unlike other big software’s.

Upon using any of the software you can easily turn your start screen to Windows 8 metro interface without installing Windows 8 OS and enjoy the tiled start screen.


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