Add Simple Start Menu to Windows 8 without any extra Software

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As of now you all must be aware of the fact that the start orb is missing from the Windows 8 start screen. Microsoft has added many new features to Windows 8 to fill up the void. However there are many third party applications available that can be used to bring back the traditional start menu in Windows 8. But, if you are the one not interested in using any kind of software then here is the tutorial to add start menu to Windows 8.

add simple start menu win8

Add Simple Start Menu in Windows 8

The start menu that we will be adding is not a Start Menu in its full glory. Rather, it will be a simple start menu will be showing you items like the Programs folder and recent/common programs.

simple start menu

How To Add Start Menu In Windows 8

To add a start menu to Windows 8, follow the steps given below.

  • Before starting the operation make sure that the taskbar on your system is not locked. To verify whether your taskbar is locked or unlocked, right-click on a blank space of the taskbar and see whether the option Lock the taskbar is checked or not. If it is checked, click on it to uncheck it or unlock the taskbar. If it is not checked, leave it as it is

new toolbar

  • Again, right-click on a blank space of the taskbar and select Toolbars > New tool bar
  • Next, browse to Local Disk C:/ > Program Data > Microsoft > Windows, and left-click once on the Start Menu folder, and hit Select Folder

toolbar start menu

  • Close the explorer and you can see a start menu on your Windows taskbar.

Positioning the created Start Menu in Windows 8

As we have a start menu and need to position it properly. Follow the steps below to position the start menu.

  • Grab and drag the columns of dots in the taskbar where the start menu is created towards left

drag start menu

  • Now you can see Programs and Windows Update on your taskbar along with another column of dots on the far left of the taskbar. Again grab and drag the columns of dots on the far left to the right of Windows Update and keep dragging the column of dots, towards left until it stops just next to the start Menu.

Upon following all the steps you can now have a positioned start menu at the lower left column of your Windows 8 taskbar. Although it is not a fully a start menu but you have created a start menu without using any third party App.


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