Adjust Automatic Maintenance Settings to Run it Manually in Windows 8

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All the way I have been discussing about the replacements and variations made in Windows 8. With many new updated and latest features added to Windows 8, the performance has improved as compared to the previous version of Windows OS. The new OS has a great feature named Automatic Maintenance Tool that automatically runs scheduled daily maintenance on your computer. The set up runs automatically by default. Here is the tutorial how you can run that is start or stop the Automatic Maintenance Tool manually.

change automatic maintenance windows8

The Automatic Maintenance Tool manually runs on scheduled time automatically in the background by default. This includes security updating and scanning, Windows software updates, disk defragmentation, system diagnostics, among other tasks. This added feature in Windows 8 improves performance and energy efficiency over Windows 7. The program for Windows 8 automatic maintenance is called MSchedExe.exe and it is located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory.
The automatic maintenance tool cannot be turned off, you can only change the settings and start and stop it manually by setting the time you would like it to run automatically.

Change the automatic maintenance settings in Windows 8

Follow the steps described below, to change the automatic maintenance settings in Windows 8.

You need to login as admin in order to make any changes in the maintenance settings.

  • Open control Panel by moving your mouse cursor to the extreme, lower left corner of the desktop screen. You get to see the Start screen button, from the popup menu select Control Panel and right click on it


  • Press Windows Key + X to access the menu directly or if you are in start screen, open charm bar and select search and type Control Panel in the search box and hit Control panel from the results that appear in the left pane or hit control panel tile if present
  • Click on Action Center in the All Control Panels items

action center win8

  • In the Action Center window, click on the down arrow on the Maintenance heading to open that section


  • In the new windows that pop out, click the Change maintenance settings link at the bottom to change the schedule for automatic maintenance

change maintenance settings windows 8

  • Next, Automatic Maintenance window appears in the screen. Here you can select the time of day when you want to run maintenance tasks that are runs when the system is not in use.

automatic maintenance win 8

  • You can also allow the scheduled maintenance to wake up your computer when plugged in to run the maintenance tasks at the specified time, just check the box Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at the scheduled time.

You can directly go to Action Center by clicking on the White Flag in the Windows 8 taskbar. This is quite easier way to get to the Action center and carry out with the settings in the automatic maintenance.

white flag notification area win8

Once you have set the settings you can start and stop the maintenance manually by clicking on the options Start or Stop maintenance under maintenance in the Action center Window. When maintenance is running in the background, a clock icon displays on the Action Center flag icon in the notification area, showing a “Maintenance in progress” message when you move your mouse over the icon.

start stop maintainance win8

If you don’t want hide messages for specific types of maintenance tasks, simply click the Change Action Center settings option in the left pane of the Action Center window

change action center settings

Under Change Action Center settings window in the Maintenance messages section you can see that all the check boxes for the messages are checked by default. Just uncheck the box besides Automatic maintenance and Click OK.

maintenance messages

Upon completion of all the steps described above you can easily change the automatic maintenance settings or say you can automate it manually on your Windows 8.


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