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Adobe Flex Builder 3 is an Eclipse based integrated development tool (IDE) that helps users in enabling intelligent coding with interactive step-through debugging with visual design of user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of rich Internet applications (RIAs) and cross-platform desktop applications (with the help of AIR), especially on Adobe Flex platform. Adobe Flex Builder was earlier known as Adobe Flash Builder 4 and was got renamed in this new version release in 2010.

The new Adobe Flex Builder 3 pro version features many new implementations with a cool new user interface. And it’s fully compatible with other Adobe products such as Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks and works on both Windows and Mac systems.

Adobe Flex Builder 3

Adobe Flex Builder 3

Features of Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional

  • Various editors to edit MXML, ActionScript, and CSS with syntax coloring, statement completion, code collapse, interactive step-through debugging, and more options
  • Rich visual layout – complete new user interface
  • Integrated media options
  • Complete integration with other Adobe products such as Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Fireworks
  • Memory and performance profilers to see where applications are spending time
  • Automated functional testing support for regression testing
  • Interactive data visualization features

Download Adobe Flex Builder 3 professional

Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional  for Windows | Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional for Mac

Adobe Flex Builder costs from $249 while upgrade license is priced $99. However education institution customers, including students, faculty and staffs can download Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional for free. You need to provide a proof of identify by uploading a scanned copy of one of the following documents during registration and download.

  • Student ID showing current enrollment
  • Faculty ID showing current employment
  • Employee ID showing current employment
  • A letter on an educational institution letterhead stating that the individual is either a current student or a faculty member of the institution

If you find yourself eligible, head to here for free Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro license.

Adobe confirms that registrations may take up to two weeks after the request and after successful verification, the product serial numbers will be mailed by email. Adobe Flex Builder 3 serial license key is required to unlock and activate the trial versions of Adobe Flex Builder 3. [via]

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