Adsense Introduces Estimated and Finalized Earnings System

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Adsense payments team have brought a change in Adsense interface concerning publisher earnings. “Today’s Estimated Earnings” has taken place of “Today’s Earnings” with a new “Finalized Earnings” will appear on your account with the finalized revenue for the period. According to Adsense blog, this feature has been implemented to bring more transparency about the earnings and the calculation. “Estimated earnings” will display the expected revenue while “Finalized earnings” will show the exact amount you have earned.

Estimated Earnings on Adsense

Estimated Earnings on Adsense

“In order to be more transparent about how our system calculates earnings, we’ve added the words “Estimated” and “Finalized” next to “Earnings” throughout your account. Rest assured these terminology changes don’t reflect a change to the way your finalized earnings are calculated. It’s simply intended to give you a clearer idea of what’s our estimation of your earnings and what’s finalized.”, says Adsense blog.

You might have noticed two different earnings on the Overview and Advanced Reports pages few times as earnings on your Overview and Advanced Reports pages reflect initial estimations based on clicks while they are still subjected to verification for accuracy. This change in Adsense will surely make some difference but the difference will vary from publisher to publisher.

However, this change is only a display change, and the finalized earnings will continue to be calculated and credited as before.

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2 Comments to Adsense Introduces Estimated and Finalized Earnings System

  1. I’ve found there is now a HUGE difference between “estimated” and finalzed earnings.

    My estimated earnings on one site were over $800, finalized only $200, making the system pretty much pointless.

    Then again where’s the oversight? How do we know Google didn’t decide to just keep $600 for themselves?

    Most of my sites no longer have Adsense on them, as the excitement of seeing how much you’ve earned today doesn’t really work when you don’t know how much you’re going to get paid, which is invariably a different, and much lower, figure.

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