15 Adsense Optimized Blogger Templates to Maximize your Adsense Revenue

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Having an Adsense optimized Blogger template can not only get you more clicks but it can also get you more revenue as the result. There are many Adsense blogger templates there but not all of them strictly follow Adsense TOS and hence you stand tall to get banned for not using Adsense friendly templates. Here I’ve collected some best Adsense optimized and Adsense friendly Blogger templates that you can use to maximize your Adsense revenue and get a whole new appealing look for your blog.

Bloggerized Adsense

Bloggerized Adsense Template

Bloggerized Adsense template is one of the high CTR grabbing Blogger templates. With a blackish and three column look, this template has got some prominent Adsense slots above the fold. There is one banner sized slot just below the header and above the post contents with a square sized ad slot on the top right sidebar. The two sidebars can also be used to add more ad slots as the ads blends perfectly with the template and hence grabs more clicks.

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ProSense Blue template

Prosense Blue Template

ProSense was originally a WordPress theme and was created by Dosh Dosh. Later it got converted to Blogger template by Akoogle and it got popular within no time. It’s one of the templates that attract higher CTR from blog readers since the ads blend well with the template. The 160 x 600 ad, on the middle sidebar has been designed to grab more clicks. This three column adsense template is one of the most popular Adsense optimized blogger templates.

Demo | Download | Download Images | Setup Instructions

Auto Mobile Blogger Template

Auto Mobile Blogger Template

It’s a classic Blogger template with Adsense friendly layout. You can play with it’s Adsense placements to increase your Adsense income. You can put different sized ads with the flexibility of putting either image, text or both ads to attract more Adsense clicks on your blog. This template has just one sidebar but more width for post contents with one header navbar to put Adsense link ads. All you have to do is edit the template and add your Adsnese publisher ID in the adsense slots to display your Adsense ads.

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Money Generator Template

Money Generator Adsense Blogger Template

This Blogger template is for those bloggers who want to blog for money. This template has got excellent Adsense placements in prominent places along with the perfect colour combination which attracts more clicks from your blog readers. Money Generator is a three column blogger template where you can put ads on both sidebars and on above post area also. One 728 x 15 link unit has been placed on the header which looks like the navbar. GosuBlogger created this template with the aim to grab not less than 10%-15% click through rate.

Adsense Template

Border – 000000
Title – FFFF66
Background – 000000
Text – 7F7F7F
URL – B3B3B3

The above colour code combination should be used to blend the ad slots properly with the template.

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Ads Theme Template

Ads Theme

Ads Theme Blogger template has not only got some prominent spots for advertisements but also it has got some a decent and professional layout. If you are a professional blogger, you can’t ignore it’s professionally designed layout. It’s a three column template which can be customized into two column layout easily. It has been developed by eBlogTemplates and they made the look clean and it’s pretty easy to setup.

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Langit Blogger Template

Langit Template

Langit Blogger template is a professional looking web 2.0 template that comes with some pre designed widgets such as recent posts, subscription box or ‘about me’ section on top sidebar along with pre-defined spots for Adsense ads. Langit template has got navbar links on the top, with option to add customized logo and a top banner advertisement. To change the logo, find inside the template and replace it with the actual link to your logo. It has been developed by GosuBlogger.

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Blue Adsense

Blue Adsense Template

Blue Adsense is a free Blogger Adsense with maximum Adsense exposure and income chances. This template provides higher CTR which is not less than 3 times more than your current CTR. With maximum Adsense slots, you get maximum chances of earning from Adsense. Blue Adsense template features one 728 x 15 and one 468 x 15 link unit on the top. Since it’s a three column template, you can ad different ad slots to these sidebars and one slot at the post space. This template has been developed by GosuBlogger.

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Ads Optimal Sizes Template

Ads Optimal

Ads Optimal Sizes Blogger template is an another Blogger Adsense template which has been optimized for Adsense ads and is capable of getting more clicks from blog readers. Abdul Manir, the author of this template made it very simple and amateur, yet highly effective as far as increasing online revenue is concerned. It’s a three column template with some prominent spaces to put Adsense ads and grab more money.

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Passion Duo Template (Red)

Passion Duo Blogger Template

Passion Duo Red Blogger template has got many ad placements including 125 x 125 ad slots on right sidebar with a top banner ad (468 x 60) in the header area. This three column template has been developed by eBlogTemplates and has some high CTR ad placements. This layout gives your blog a professional look and will be best for bloggers who blog about blogging. It has got some other colours as well, such as Passion Duo Blue, Passion Duo Green, Passion Duo Black, Passion Duo Grey etc.

Demo | Download

Passion Duo Template (Blue)

Passion Duo Blue Blogger Template

Passion Duo Blue Template is almost same as Passion Duo Blue template. The only difference this holds is the colour combination. This blogger template has a perfect combination of white, blue and red (links). 125 x 125 ad slots to place small sized ads on the sidebar along with one top header banner spot. Blue navbar to display important links for easy navigation or can also be used to display Adsense link units.

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Adsense Ready Blogger XML Template 1


Adsense Ready Blogger XML template 1 is a three column template for Blogger blogs, authored by GosuBlogger. This template has a top 728 x 15 link unit with a 725 x 90 ladderboard on the header for higher chances of Adsense clicks. You can add more Adsense slots to the sidebar or post content area, depending on your needs. One Adsense search box has been placed in the header area. All you have to do is edit the template and replace all pub-6046403693672240 with your actual Adsense publisher ID.

Demo (N/A) | Download

Adsense Ready Blogger XML Template 2

Adsense Ready Blogger Template

This is an another Adsense ready Blogger template that has been authored by GosuBlogger. It’s a three column layout with perfect locations for putting Adsense ads and the colour combination just increases the higher CTR chances.  It has got Adsense code added already, all you have to do is edit the HTML and replace pub-6046403693672240 with your actual Adsense publisher ID. This fixed width and widget ready Blogger template can increase your blog CTR, no doubt!

Demo (N/A) | Download

Simple News Evolution Template

Simple News Revolution

Simple News Revolution Blogger template is the perfect template if you are running a news based blog and want to earn more out of it. Herdiansyah Hamzah, the author of this News template has made quite a lot of work while making this template as it displays abosulte different layouts in homepage and post pages. This three column template has got two dedicated sidebars for Adsense ads on the homepage while you can customize the location of the ads on post pages manually. Navbar displays important links with Google Adsense search box and one translation widget on the header to change languages using Google translation.

Demo | Download

Funny Adsense Template

Funny Adsense Template

Funny Adsense template is a beautiful and sober three column blogger template which provides maximum Adsense income chances. One skyscraper slot in left sidebar, one large rectangle ad below post title, one link unit above post title can really boost your Adsense earnings. This is the most suitable layout for picture or image blogs since the post portion is having a white background with ample space to fit your images.

Demo | Download

Adsense Blogger Template

Adsense Optimized Blogger Template

This Adsense optimized template is called Adsense Blogger template, itself. It has an Adsense friendly layout with three columns and customizable header. With white and gray colour combination, one can easily configure the ads to blend with the template and maximize online revenue from Blogger blogs. This template can easily be converted into two or three column templates by managing the widgets from the page layout.

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Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

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  1. Hi, I can't seem to get the download to work for the Simple News Evolution Template. Could you please email it to me directly.

    Thank you in advance.


  2. Hello friend I like your post that's great. But I have one question does blog templates also help in Adsense approval if yes than please give me some suggestions that how can I approve adsense account for my blog.Plz mail me.Thank u!!

    • @Suman: Yes, somewhat! Adsense templates are designed to maximize your Adsense revenue by showing ads on some highly visible areas. But if you are yet to get Adsense approval, I would recommend to try a professional theme first, get approved and use Adsense optimized theme later.

  3. Nice list but i would like the template used to create this blog. I am finding it hard to find a simple yet effective template just like yours. Please help :)

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