AeroRainbow v2.7 to change window Aero Colours Randomly in Windows 8

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Are you fond of Aero and love to customize your Windows? In this tutorial we will be discussing about one such utility program that will change the colour for your Aero screen. Aero was introduced in Windows 7 and Vista. Many users then and now are quite fond of the AERO feature. Aero makes the windows border and taskbar transparent.

aerorainbow windows8

Aero introduced many features like Aero Peek, Aero Glass, Transparency, etc. Aero Peek is the feature that shows all your programs running on taskbar as thumbnail. Today we will be discussing about software that will change the colour for Aero windows randomly.

WinAero has come up with an excellent utility freeware called AeroRainbow. This software is developed to change the colour of Aero windows in random order or in sequential order with predefined colors. They first developed for Windows 7 that added more colours to your desktop taskbar and windows.

Windows 8 have many added features in comparison to its predecessors, at the same time they have made exiled some features too. Aero is not completely removed from the new OS. If you are Windows 8 user then you might have come across the Aero features on windows. The developer team of WinAero has come up with AeroRainbow version 2.7 that can is readily aceptible in Windows 8.

The new version of AeroRainbow has overcome the shortcomings of its earlier version. The earlier version was not portable and also locked the Windows wallpaper. The new v2.7 is portable and allows users to change the wallpaper and is developed especially for Windows 8. Users running the previous versions can also update. The new version also shows notification on the availability of updates.

On running the AeroRainbow, you can see the icon pinned to the system tray or notification area. If the tray icon is disabled, then UI is also hidden. But with the tray icon enabled you can easily use the feature or change its settings using “AeroRainbow Settings”

aerorainbow settings

On clicking the left button of mouse on tray icon it displays the current colours along with next colors of AeroRainbow. You can slip to the next colour by clicking on it and the colours will be changed according to rules of color change.

next color
From the configuration window, you can set rules for colour change, select the colours for the Aero windows, rate at which the colour changes, and many more.

aerorainbow traymenu

You can either opt for the Always random color or Use the colors list modes. The former uses the default colours while the later one uses the colours picked by you.

It also provides settings to change the windows colour to the colour closest to the background or say it can automatically set the colour basing on your Wallpaper. Color calculation mode allows you to select color for wallpaper, active window or active window icon.

This is it. AeroRainbow presents a fabulous way to customize your Aero in Windows. If you love customizing Windows, give a try to the newest version of WinAero’s AeroRainbow. This is free, portable and easy to use software.


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