Aircel Moves a Notch Higher with the New Launch

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Mobile phones have become popular with most people in the world today. Unlike in the past, communication has become effective and easier with the improvement of technology and infrastructure. The cell phone industry is growing at a fast rate because cell phones have evolved too. Your cell phone is not only used to call or text, but it comes with many other uses.

You can now pay bills from your home by the use of your mobile phone. You can do all your banking from anywhere in the world as long as your cell phone services are compatible. The modern cell phones come with a wide range of applications that ease communication. They also come with an endless choice of entertainment applications. Most cell phone service providers are at a cutthroat competition because the market keeps getting more lucrative every day.


Each company is adding something new and fresh to their products to enable them to rise above the competition. This trend is caused by lack of customer loyalty for most providers since the client always takes the one with the best deals. This emerging competition is causing cell phone providers to come up with better services for the consumers.

Recently, Aircel, one of the leading cell phone service providers in India launched a new brand. They have been on a widespread campaign on the new product. The product, which is branded ‘Joy of a little extra’, is doing well in terms of marketing. The project was launched under the management of Anuran Vasudev, who is the Chief Marketing Officer of Aircel. It took extensive research on the market before the product was finally released.

When a telecommunication service provider launches a new product, they are usually targeting two different groups. The first one is comprised of the clients that they already have. For them to keep a good number of loyal clients, they have to keep updating the products. They can do this by adding benefits to exiting products. They can give discounts on good clients or give offers on existing products. They can also give holiday offers and gifts to the clients.

The second one targets new clients. These are comprised of new products to expand the existing portfolio. This includes new tariffs, new branches, new cheaper or premium products and so forth. This adds more clients to the list of the existing ones.

Aircel has launched its new brand, which is focused on customer satisfaction. This project is focused on adding value for all the subscribers. It comes with extra value for texting and calling time. It also comes with better deals for online bundles as well as entertainment bundles. Recently it had launched One Nation, One rate plan.

The campaign has been on air since the 1st of February and it continues to air across digital space as well as all the electronic channels. It is geared towards bringing joy to the subscribers through their subscriptions. So far, there has been a positive feedback since most subscribers are opening up towards the campaign. There has been a visible increase of subscribers since the day of the launch.

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