Aircel ‘One Nation One Rate’ Plan Details

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Technology has broken the barriers of distance and time especially when it comes to communication. With the help of the internet, you can now enjoy instant communication with people from different parts of the world. It used to be very costly to make calls or even communicate through mail with people from different continents.

Communication expenses have also gone down. In the past, communication was expensive due to the equipment that was involved. Technology has evolved so much in the last few years. You can now cut your overall communication costs and save a lot of money. There are good packages for communication especially online. You can communicate with large groups of people with a press of a button. Even corporations are saving a lot of money on traveling and accommodation by holding online conferences. The only small bit that has been having cost problems is data roaming.

Aircel One Nation One Rate Plan

When it comes to data roaming, the logistics involved are a bit complicated. Data roaming incorporates using the service from a place that is different from where you are registered without changing the parameters. While roaming, you are able to make calls from any zone using your registered service provider. You are also able to receive mail and any other data services way from your geographical coverage.

This is why most telecommunication companies have always had reservations with the service. They charge either a high cost, or they limit the distance range to a locality. Whenever you try to overstep the set boundaries, you either get a barring message or you get a high charge. This is a big discouragement especially with business persons who want to travel and be updated on business. It is also bad for family members who live in different countries since their communication is cut short. This is why the concept of social media is catching up fast and it may override telecommunication.

India is one of the few countries that have made data roaming affordable. Aircel, which is a telecommunication service provider based in India is revolutionizing the field. They recently launched a new product and branded it ‘One Nation One Rate’. This is one of the most popular services by Aircel, because it cuts the cost roaming by a big percentage.

If you are on Aircel, then you get one rate for your SMS, voice and data bundles especially when roaming on the network. India is a growing economy with many businesspersons who travel a lot. The data roaming services are getting popular in the country because they are a lucrative option for business. The value for communication keeps going up thus most telecommunications service-providers are constantly upgrading their services.

While other service providers will charge you for most services, with Aircel, you are able to travel with your office with the lucrative 3G pocket internet that allows you access form different parts of the world at a small fee. This also comes with an option of a social networking INQ with mobile entertainment, news and healthcare. This is attracting many people to the network.

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