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If you are thinking that you can only improve the use and get better features just by purchasing a new iOS device then here you are with some really amazing stuff which lets you to know about something new which will help you to improve the usability of your iOS device still with you. As here we have discussed some free apps and tips, with which you can do up what you still carry with.

steps to improve ios device

Tips & Tricks for iOS 6 users

Photo Streams

Photo stream is one of the features of iOS6 using this app you can share and upload photos to the social networking sites. It manages your photo collections in an organized manner.


Flickr is another app of iOS, which manages, upload and share your photos. Even though it’s not commonly used but still it provides complete services by which you can share, upload and handle your pictures.


Instagram is a camera app and social network of iOS. It’s a more than just a camera app, which has zillion retro vignette effects. If you are using instagram then you can take photos, add different digital effect to the photos and share with the other users of instagram who are connected with social network.

Shared photo streams

What’s in iOS 6?

In iCloud’s, photo stream it has a feature which upload the pictures as they are taken in order without any manual sync. Using this app you can review your pictures on an Apple TV, Mac or any other iOS 6 device by just singing in to the iCloud account.

It is an advanced photo app of photos from the shared photo stream and publish the subset for other people to view the pictures. Setting a shared photo stream is almost similar to the uploading pictures to an album on Facebook or Twitter. The difference is that photo stream is an app of iOS, which allows instant uploading. Within seconds of taking the pictures, you can share the pictures with your friends.

Remember one thing, shared photo stream only deals with recent photographs from which you have to select the old photographs, and re-post pictures before they are replaced by the new ones. iCloud also provides back up but its limited depending the storage capacity.

What is the alternative?

Social network provides a substitute method to sharing the pictures among your own device and with the others. It is because you are storing and managing your picture library on their servers. It is up to you what you want to do.

Instagram is one of the most well known photo-sharing apps, which initiated as an iPhone app and after that it became a famous social network. It is a free app with different digital effects accessible to all images. A newly added feature of instagram is that you can able to see your instagram photos on a map.

Flicker’s app is also has stunning features and as well as it works well. It is recently updated by which you can manage the videos and upload multiple pictures easily.


What is in iOS 6?

In iOS you can install different apps for browsing the web, make video calls and can call your iPhones telephone numbers. However, in iOS 6, it has some services like you can send a text message to the other party in case you have failed to answer the call and set a reminder to call later.

And the alternative?

You can apply this method if you have an iOS6 or not and without requiring extra apps, you can create text shortcuts so that you can get significant answers in the message app by just typing a few words.

Go to settings then go to General then choose Keyboard and add new shortcut, add shortcut words so that you will easily remember. For example the shortcut character is ‘18r’might be put to enlarge to ‘sorry, I m running xx minute late’. After that, you can easily replace the xx by typing the number.

This method is time saver you do not have to type the whole message. If you are using the older iPhone that can support the recent features of iOS, then you may use Text Expander app to store such shortcut messages. It is an additional step to begin with the app but once it is installed in your device then you can set messages.


What’s in iOS 6?

If you have used the new VIP feature in OS X Mountain Lion’s mail app, you will be happy to know that this also present in iOS 6.for which you have to set up an iCloud account then your VIP list will be synced to your devices. Therefore, you can delete the unwanted thing by seeing the VIP mailbox rather than your inbox.

What’s the alternative?

For this service, you do not need an iOS 6 and iCloud. If you know how to use Gmail, then it can be done very easily. To acquire this service login to your Gmail account from any Mac, and then go to the settings click Labels and create a new label named it VIPs. Next click filters and create a new one. You do not have to create a new filter for each VIP list, just type the keyword OR between contacts to indicate more. Otherwise, you can set the VIP label to the different groups of people.

On your Mac, the VIP list seen like the mailbox, which can be easily added to the favorite’s bar. From there you can see the number of messages coming from the VIPs.


What’s in iOS 6?

The new passbook app of iOS supports digital store cards, boarding passes and other ID cards. This app can be used for checking authentication without remembering logins or credit card numbers.

What’s the alternative?

Along with this app, you can use 1password and Acyclic Wallet app for keeping your information safe. Wallet app is use to store information like serial number of a software but you have to customize the settings according your need. Create new items and each item can hold only a single line of text or message. This also support picture format, you can take a screenshots and attach with the wallet items.

Google wallet is also another app, which can store the details of your credit, debit and store card. It has the power to transmit the information by using the NFC (near field communication) technology, you have to place the device near the radar. But this will work with only NFC built in device.

Safari and Reading List

What’s in iOS 6?

The web browser of iOS 6 helps to view web pages without any disorder and you can read the pages while you are switching among the devices. They work good, but other apps already doing the better things.

What’s the alternative?

iCloud app of iOS6 syncs the address of the recently opened pages to your iCloud account. However, this is not a unique feature the currently released iOS version of Google chrome browser also do the same things. To sync your device with the browser you will need to login into the Google account using your Mac or Android device.

In safari browser, a reading list is available which stores the pages for your device. Only you have to bookmark the address of the web pages, so you can read the articles later when an internet connection is not there. It otherwise provides a good way to making notes of the web pages without disturbing the main bookmarks.

You can add special bookmark to your list by using Pocket and Instapaper. Pocket is a good one if you are storing many articles for your research.


iOS supports Skype and you can call any Skype user from your phone.


Apple has its own video calling app called FaceTime, which only works in between apple users, and the conversation is limited to the two people.

What’s in iOS 6?

Face Time works in both the Wi-Fi and 3G connection. But it has limited functionality, so for video calling it’s better to prefer Skype.

What’s the alternative?

In Skype, you have to do some notification settings by which you can know about the incoming calls. If there is no internet connection, notification can’t be delivered and calls can’t be made.

Skype is better than FaceTime because it has group video call facility.

Either you are using Skype or FaceTime for video calling, keep in mind that they use the packet data quickly and it may charge you with extra charges, so it is better to use if Wi-Fi is available.

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