Amazing Crafts using Money or Dollar Bills

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Have you ever wondered of creating some amazing crafts using money or Dollar notes?  Extremely skilled Artist have come out with some amazing talent that is craft using Notes.  Here are collection of some amazing skills crafted in Money.

Money Monuments


The Statue of Money by Mark Wagner

The Statue of Money

Time is money

Origami by Long Quach


If a dress worth £50,000, then it better look like £50,000

£50,000 dress

Money is a Tangle by Kristi Malakoff

money is a tangle 3

money is a tangle 2

money is a tangle

Let the world see $100,000


Flying Money

Money flies

Money dies

Shredded old bank notes by Evan Wondolowski

Money dies

Money dies 2

Laser-cut stacks of dollar bills by Scott Campbell

shredded old bank notes

From dimes and pennies

from dimes and pennies

Heads of states

Heads of states Heads of states 3 Heads of states 2

Don’t you find these Money Crafts Amazing? Share your views or any such artistic incredible craft with Notes and Money by commenting in the comment box below. [Via]


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