Free & Paid Apps of 2012 for the Android Buddies

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No matter whether the phone is a Smartphone or a tablet or an iphone the smartness of the phone is known from the applications or also popularly known as the apps that comes with the phone or can be downloaded from the android market. Most of the time the smartness of the Smartphone that uses the Android OS is determined from the apps that is loaded into it. Most of the applications can be downloaded from Apple’s bustling App Store known as Google Play. This month’s best apps for our Smartphone are as follows:

2012 android apps

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox SmartGlass is a very good app for android Smartphone users, by which you can navigate around the dashboard of Xbox 360 and can connect to TV as well as can get new Xbox music app. The factual potential of SmartGlass is gaming, but at present only some games are compatible which include Forza Horizon and Dance Central 3. if you want to download Xbox SmartGlass android app for your Smartphone then you can login Google play with your Gmail account and easily can download it free.


Curiosity is the first app of Lionhead lead designer Peter Molyneux. The aim of this game is to expose the top-secret contents. Molyneux says that curiosity is the experiment of the ‘psychology of monetization’, which will help you to solving the mystery. If you want this app, login to Google play and get this app free.


PubQuix is simply a location app and has integrated map with information, which finds the nearest places from your current location, weather conditions and many more. You can quickly locate the landmarks, famous places, pubs etc. You can download this app from Google play website and it is free.

Fluid Football

It is a foot ball game for android users and you can play it by swiping your fingers in your Smartphone screen. Former sky sports experts Andy Gray and Richard Keys will give comment on your best moves and you can use hints, which will help you to play efficiently. It is a free app and you can download it from Google play website.

Whale Trail Frenzy

This app is beautifully designed with great soundtrack and super furry animals. You can jump to any level mode by scrolling the small wing like symbol. It is now available free and can download by login to Google play.

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