Annoying Features of Windows 8

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By the time we all know that Windows 8 OS is different from the earlier versions of Windows. The new inbuilt features of Windows 8 are useful and interesting for the expert users, but are difficult to tackle for the newbie’s. There are many applications which are been removed or replaced with the advanced versions. There are software’s which are no more found useful in Windows 8. But, the new features introduced in Windows 8 are somehow irritating and annoying. Follow the tutorial to know what the annoying features of Windows 8 are.

irritating features windows 8

Many users get frustrated over the new inbuilt features. Windows traditional menu is changed with the metro start screen or the tile based screen giving a sleek look to the Windows start menu. The new features like lock screen, absence of DVD playback, etc.

The lock screen feature in Windows 8 is a useful and essential on a tablet, but the same is unessential for a PC. So this feature can be abandoned from the Windows 8 PC as it is no unnecessary. To do so, hold Win + R to open the RUN dialog box or by selecting the RUN from the Quick Access menu. In the Run dialog box, type in gpedit.msc and hit enter. This command will open the Local Group Policy Editor. Now, in the left menu go to the Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization. Look for the Do Not Display the Lock Screen option in the main pane and double click on it, this will open a new window. Select the Enabled radio button and click OK. This will remove the lock screen feature from your Windows 8 PC.

local group policy win8

If you don’t find the new metro tile start screen to be useful then you can easily get the traditional start menu can be brought to the Windows 8 User interface replacing the modern metro start screen. This can be achieved by Classic Shell programs. Download the software and get back your original start screen.

If you are the one relying upon POP email on your Windows 8 computer, then download Mozilla’s free Thunderbird email application and use it in the Desktop mode. Microsoft has disappeared POP email support in the native Mail app in Windows 8. IMAP’s syncing functionality that is the cloud connection and work from anywhere provided in the OS are well for the computer pro but is not useful to the user who mostly relies on the POP email addresses.

Windows 8 is missing the DVD playback although it supports the Windows media player. If you want to play a DVD then the suitable software is the Media Center Pack. You can also use VLC media player to enjoy any kind music or videos.

Windows 8 are used for dual purposes that are for PC as well as with the Tablets. The high resolution gives an amazing look to the display, but the disadvantage of high resolution feature causes the font size to be reduced as the tablets are 10- to 12-inch screen thereby making the high resolution to be compressed into a 10- to 12-inch screen. You have to change the font size time to time that is really annoying.

Few irritating and annoying features of Windows 8 are discussed above. Apart from these there are many features that depend on the user to decide whether it is good for them or is annoying.


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