Apple may Unveil “iPhone Math” in June Alongside iPhone 5S

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Good news of Apple product lovers. You will be able to buy a new device in June. Apple is planning to launch a new device named “iPhone Math” in June. According to BrightWire, China Times has claimed that Apple will unveil “iPhone Math” this year and it will feature 4.8-inch screen and 8-megapixel camera. China Times has also claimed that iPhone Math will be launched in June. As we know iPhone 5S is going to be launched in June. If the report comes true, you will be able to buy both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone Math in June.

Apple may Unveil iPhone Math in June Alongside iPhone 5S

According to BrightWire, three new iPhone models will be unveiled this year. Two of them will be unveiled in June and the 3rd iPhone model will be unveiled before Christmas. BrightWire has claimed that Apple will use 4.8-inch screen screen in iPhone Math and they will use 4-inch screen in both the iPhone 5S and the 3rd iPhone model. BrightWire has also claimed that iPhone Math will feature 8 MP camera and Apple will use 12 MP camera in the 3rd iPhone model. According to China Times, iPhone Math production will be started in April. Components will be shipped in March. You should note that iPhone Math camera lenses will be manufactured by Largan Precision and most of the iPhone models will be manufactured by Foxconn. They have received order from Apple. China Times has claimed that iPhone Math connectors will be manufactured by Foxlink and its molding parts will be manufactured by Coxon and Foxconn.

If you are an Apple product lover, then you must be planning to buy iPhone Math. You have to wait until June to buy the new device. Still no word from Apple about “iPhone Math”. Apple is expected to launch iPhone 5S in June. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has recently predicted that iPhone 5S will feature NFC, IGZO screen, high definition camera, improved battery and 128GB storage.


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