Apple may Use Plastic Chassis in Cheaper iPhone

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Recently DigiTimes has reported that the low-cost iPhone will be launched in the second half of 2013. Now they are claiming that the cheaper iPhone will come with plastic chassis. According to DigiTimes, Apple will use plastic chassis in cheaper iPhone. Plastic chassis will allow Apple to reduce its manufacturing cost. According to the sources of DigiTimes, plastic chassis of cheaper iPhone will be supplied by an electronic manufacturing service provider of the United States.

Apple may use plastic Chassis in Cheaper iPhone

You should note that cheaper iPhone will not be the first iOS device that will come with plastic chassis. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G also includes plastic chassis. The sources of DigiTimes has claimed that the cheaper iPhone will come with plastic and metal chassis. They had also claimed that users will be able to see the internal metal parts. Recently Phil Schiller has confirmed that Apple will not release cheaper iPhone. Now the new report from DigiTimes indicates that Apple may launch the cheaper iPhone with plastic chassis. Recently the sources of DigiTimes had reported that Apple will use larger screen in the cheaper iPhone and it will come with a new exterior design. They have also claimed that the cheaper iPhone will be available for purchase in emerging markets like China and India. Recently Bloomberg had reported that the cheaper iPhone will cost $99-$149 without any contract. As we know Android phones are available at a very low price. If the cheap iPhone costs $99, then it will be a great competitor of cheap Android phones.

As we know iPhone 5 includes aluminum and glass chassis. If the cheaper iPhone comes with plastic chassis, then it will carry less weight than the iPhone 5. If you are not able to buy iPhone 5 due to its high cost, then you have to wait until the second half of 2013 to buy the cheaper iPhone that will cost $99-$149.


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