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The apps or the applications are the software that really gives ipad and the iphone its edge. There are many apps that can be downloaded free or purchase from the app store called the Google play. Many of us must have heard many names of the apps that make the use of ipad or the iphone worthwhile. Here is a list of the various apps that should be present in every iphone or ipad.

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Kindle: Many a times it happens that many people prefer to read any books published in electronic format rather than to wait for the book to hit the market in paperback. In this context, the app kindle has changed the way of our reading style. This app can be downloaded free from the app store and it can run almost every format of electronic books.

IMDB: IMDB has the largest database of movies and series on the internet. Its database is older than the internet itself. The Google apps store offer the IMDB app through which any person using iphone or ipad can watch movies and TV shows as long as he is connected to Wi-Fi or 3g.this app can be downloaded for free from the app store.

Netflix: Apart from IDMB, the android market also provides Netflix quite enough entertainment in form of movies and TV shows from the Netflix website from which any user can continuously keep streaming endless movies and TV shows. In addition, if you want to watch Netflix on the big screen, you can use Airplay Mirroring.

Pandora Radio: Pandora is one of the most popular music streaming service that is present. This service can also be used in any ipad or iphone through the app Pandora radio, which is free software in the Google play. This app can quickly add any new artists, songs, or composers to the list, merely by tapping in the appropriate field. Better yet this app also displays the biography of the artist whose song it is currently playing which is also a good learning process.

Instapaper: instapaper application can be used to the pages for later offline reading which is optimized for readability on your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen. This application is Featured by Apple and critically acclaimed many newspapers, and magazines. This application is great for long articles and blog posts whenever we want to kill time, traveling, or waiting in a queue.

Clear: this application is a recent addition in the app store. Through this application, any user can list out his\her planning for the day or may be for the month. This application is simple to use and works well with any list that is thrown at it.

Productivity: to increasing the productivity of the phone or of a business executive at work apps like Drop box, Elements, Evernote, GoodReader, Pcal RPN Calculator can also be loaded into our iphone or ipad from the app store.

Google Search: google is one of the most preferred search engines around the world. The fast search of the Google site is also available for ipad or iphone also in form of application.

Apart from the above discussed applications the other applications like face book, tweetbot, and yelp helps in bring our friends closer through social networking. As well as the app, dark sky can be used for accessing regular updates on weather changes.

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