Apps in Windows 8 Store fails to Update

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Do you see any message prompting application has failed to install or you see that the status for installing any App is pending for a really long time while installing any App? As already being discussed about the added features of Windows 8, one of the latest features available in Windows 8 is the Windows Store app. There numerous application available these days and a lot of new applications are being added to the store on a regular basis by a lot of developers across the world. There are many users out there having issues with the failure in installation of these applications. Here is the tutorial how to fix the error with the updation of the Windows 8 Apps.

Apps in Windows 8 Store fails to Update

The installation takes a lot of time and remains pending. Follow the tutorial to get rid of the failing or the pending installation of Apps or failing to update the Wi8ndows 8 store App.

Unable to update Windows Store apps

Method 1

Firstly try running the inbuilt Windows Update Troubleshooter to resolve this issue. You need to run the Fix problems with Windows Update package to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Switch to Windows Modern UI screen and type in Control to get to the Control Panel or Press Windows key + R to open Run dialog box and type in Control and hit OK to launch the Control Panel.

control panel search start screen

  • Next, click on System and Security and then on Find and Fix problems

system security

  • Now, click on Fix problems with Windows Update

windows update troubleshooting

  • Simply follow the instruction on the wizard. Once done with the process, reboot the system to effect the change and test it again.

Windows Store apps fails to update

Method 2

The next method is to get rid of any third-party Firewall or application conflict, for this you need to reboot the system in Selective Startup or Diagnostic Startup. To do so follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows key + R and type in msconfig to open system configuration.
  • Under General tab select Selective Startup and uncheck the Load Startup items option

selective startup

  • Next go to the Services tab and uncheck the Hide all Microsoft services option present at the bottom of the window

service tab

  • Click on Disable all and check for the Wireless adaptor. To get to the WiFi adaptor, type in msinfo32 in the Run dialog box and expand Components > Network > Adaptor, to the right pane of the window you can locate the wireless adaptor.

network adaptor

  • Lastly click OK and reboot the system and verify that the Apps are being updated.

Once the methods described above are completed you can turn on the system back with Normal Startup.

normal start up

Even after trying the methods described the problem persists, then consult with Windows 8 hardware expert or the manufacturer.


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