How do Apps Share Equal Screen Space in Windows 8.1?

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With the launch of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has brought many improvements and features that were missing in Windows 8. Windows 8 disappointed users by not availing start menu. The missing start menu caused many problems with users especially the newbie’s. This time Microsoft is all set to satisfy every Windows 8.1 users by making many improvements in the new OS. Earlier Windows 8 introduced the multitasking feature that allowed users to share the screen space by allowing two apps to run on the same screen. But it has a disadvantage that the App window was allowed to split in the ratio 70/30. To eliminate this error Windows 8.1 comes with various split ratio option.

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Many users were not satisfied with the features introduced and missing in the Windows 8. So, to eradicate the flaws, Windows 8.1 now comes in much improved version and features like the missing start menu is back, the start screen is customizable, and many other improved feature. As we know Windows 8 allowed Apps to share the screen space in an uneven ratio i.e. 70/30 which gave much of the screen space to only one App while the other was almost hidden.

To eradicate this flaw Windows 8.1 introduced equal share of windows on the screen i.e. whenever you opt to multitask on the system you can separate the screen space in equal space. Windows 8.1 comes with multiple screen ratios so that all apps share an equal space or spaces comfortable to users.

The improvements was done in Snap View feature that allows you to split screens in either of the ratios that are 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50. In addition to this, Windows 8.1 also allows apps to be properly fit so that they are not hidden and can be comfortably handled by the users.

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Users having a 1080p display are allowed to divide screen space to three apps while a screen with resolution 1366 x 768-pixel can only allow two Apps. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to use the Snap View feature in Windows 8.1 to multitask or use Apps simultaneously.

Steps to Split Screen using Snap View feature in Windows 8.1

  • Firstly, select the apps you want to work on or want to share the screen space. Put one of the apps to be launched in full screen mode.
  • Now open the second app and pull it towards left corner of the screen and it will automatically make the first app to slide and make an equal space on the screen or say the screen is equally split.
  • You can see a black vertical line in between the apps that is the line splitting the apps on the screen. If you want one of the apps to share much of the screen space simply drag the split line towards left or right or adjust as you wish to thereby making your apps larger or smaller according to your need.

So, this how you can share space between Apps or split the screen on Windows 8.1. Next time when you need to multitask on your Windows 8.1, follow the steps described in the tutorial here and adjust the screen space among your Apps. To know more on split screen on Windows 8.1 click on this link.


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