AT&T launches 4G LTE service in 10 new markets

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att 4g lteToday AT & T is now extending its LTE (Long Term Evolution) footprint and has launched its 4G LTE service in 10 new cities includes US, Hartford (Connecticut), New Haven (Connecticut), Boise (Idaho), Boulder (Colorado), Bowling Green (Kentucky), Lexington (Kentucky), Lancaster (Pennsylvania), Harrisburg (Pennsylvania), Providence (Rhode Island), and Ogden (Utah). The customers in these regions are now able to use 4G LTE with their devices.

The AT&T is now providing its 4G LTE service in 135 markets but it is still behind the Verizon who is providing its service in 470 markets. However, the AT&T’s HSPA+ network is more popular in the US, and while it does not provide the speed like 4G LTE but it is providing faster speed than 3G. AT&T is claiming that they are covering more than 285 million people in the US and also they have 3,000 more 4G cities and towns than Verizon.

AT&T announced today that they are going to support the new ICP (Interoperability Compliance Program) that was released this week by the WBA (Wireless Broadband Alliance). AT & T claims that they are the first initiators to carry this new technology, which will support the next generation Wi-Fi network in the future.

In last week, AT & T has activated the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Birmingham (Alabama), Cincinnati (Ohio), Fayetteville (North Carolina), Honolulu (Hawaii), Memphis (Tennessee), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Sacramento (California), Seattle (Washington) and Wilmington (Dele) cities. Currently the iPhone 5 is released with the 4G LTE service but it is not a true 4G network.

The AT&T named its HSDPA network as 4G because it is capable of giving the speed like the 4G network. Later the AT & T is planning to promote the other 4G LTE capable devices like the Motorola Atrix HD, Sony Xperia ion, HTC One X, Samsung Focus 2, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Pantech Element tablet.

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