BagItToday – An Evil Side of India Today Group [Scam]

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“Hello.. Is this Soumya Pratihari?” The person asked in a decent tone when I first received the call from one unknown land line number of Mumbai. “Yes, who is that?”, I inquired. “Sir, I am Rajat from BagItToday. Just wanted to congratulate you on winning our contest..” and I stopped him there to ask, “which contest you are talking about?”. He continued, “Sir, since you have already purchased some items on our website, and being an old valued customer, we had entered your name in our new year contest, and guess what, you have been selected as one of our lucky winners! I am feeling extremely happy to tell you that you will get a Sanyo 22″ LCD TV and a Airtel DTH connection absolutely free. Nothing to pay for this at all.”

Trust me, I was not getting excited to hear this. I was suspecting something, and that marketing guy reached there in the very next minute. He continued, “Sir, you need to buy some diamonds from us. The diamonds are certified by some international authority (I cant remember the certification authority name, sorry!), and it’s market price is Rs. 30,000, but we will give it to you for just Rs. 27,999 along with your free Sanyo 22″ LCD TV and a Airtel DTH connection.” And his very next line was “Sir, would you like to pay via CC or online? If via CC, I can transfer your call to IVR where you can complete the transaction right now, but if you want to do it online, I can also guide you…”.

It did not take me even one more second to understand that this is one of their marketing strategies to sell their products. However, I was on for this since I thought like this is their strategy to sell diamonds, but then I was also getting free stuffs worth Rs. 22,000 in the shape of LCD TV, and a DTH connection. But it’s rally very hard to convince me, especially when you are trying to sell me a product. I would always do a proper research if I am going to buy something worth Rs. 28K. I simply replied to that agent, “Hey, I am on. However, I would like to check this with few people, please do give me a call after 1 hour, and we will proceed to complete the transaction then. In between, please drop me a email stating this offer details.” He agreed on this and told me twice that he will be calling me after one hour, for sure.

I usually check the customer reviews before buying stuffs from any website. But since the person called me up all of sudden, started offering some really attractive deals that anyone will fall for, I had to make an excuse to get some time to check their customer reviews.

At first, i headed to a Facebook group, and asked for suggestions to some blogger friends. Please see what they had to say on this.

Bagittoday scam talk

As it can be clearly seen on the above screenshot, each and every person asked me to stay away from this company, and most of them had reasons to support their stand. Then I did a bit Google to read the customer reviews on BagItToday, and guess what, this India Today group initiative is known as one of the worst e-commerce sites in India. A large chunk of customers are having bad experience and also warning others not to fall for their promotional tricks.

It will take me days to mention all negative reviews here. But I am quoting few ones for your reading.

I was called on my mobile on 16/10/2010, for an offer by Multinational Company Bagittoday (Living India Today) of India Today company, about benefit of Rs 140000/ which I will get from them if I purchase samsung mobile for Rs 14999/-, I have paid it through my credit card on IVR (Thinking it is authentic) but after first payment they again asked me to pay an amount of Rs 32,900 for LCD tv and if I fail to pay, then they will not process my first payment (ie. Of 14000) and I will not be given any benefit and I was forced to pay Second payment of Rs 32,900 again and it didnโ€™t stopped here they started asking for a payment of 14999/- and with same threat. I have crossed the limit of my Credit card and unable to pay their demand because it seems that their demands are unending and they are charging it again and again.

I placed an order on 26-04-2011 and did not get the item till 17-05-2011. On 17th May, I cancelled and requested for refund. They said it will take 21 days for refund. So for another 3 weeks, customers’ money is sent for a toss.

Why does a company operating through portal require 21 days for processing a refund? Are we in pre-independence era? Such rules of the company should not be allowed to operate.

I had bought reebok sunglasses with watch free for Rs 1298/-. Soon after receiving it , i found that the watch used to run 20-30 mins slow everyday!!! After i contacted them, they asked me to give them for 7 days, and that was because it was 7 days to go for their warranty period. After waiting for 10 days, when i contacted them, they are saying your warranty is over on this date!!!!! Such scamsters and cheaters, i’ve never seen in my life!!!!!!!!

Moreover, i think they are selling cheap fake products in the name of brands!

we purchased somthing from India Today [Bag it Today] . But when we not received that goods then they told amount would be returned back. I Got a call from India Today [Bag it Today] and asked for credit card details so that they can refund. When i gave him all the details they again deducted 13990/- from my credit card. I got refrence number from my bank in which India Today [Bag it Today] has deducted amout from my card.

If you want to read more customer reviews, sadly all of them are negative reviews, you may go through these links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Doing some Google can give you thousands of such links. I also noticed that there is one BagItToday Scam page on Facebook.

Well, now coming back to my issue. Few minutes after hanging up the call, I got an email from that sales agent, and I was completely taken aback to check that email. Here is the screenshot of that email:

BagItToday Scam Email

Just check the link they have provided there: Once you click on this link, it takes you to which is just an another promotional landing page. When you click on their “Get Offer” link, it will take you to a sign up page where anyone can register for this offer, which clearly means that there is no exclusive contest, no real winners, and anyone can sign up for this deal.

On the other hand, the sales agent told me that the free gifts are of worth Rs. 22,000 but their website says that the free gifts are of worth Rs. 15,490. If I were not having access to internet, and could never track this page online, I would have believed that the free products I got are of worth 22K. Below is the screenshot of the landing page:

BagItToday Free Gifts Scams

One hour later the sales person called me up again, and I simply said a big NO to him.

India Today Group, if you are reading this post (though chances are high that you will read this post of mine), then let me talk to you directly – Who the fuck are you to call, lie, and try to sell fake products to me? Go, get a life! Your founding members had spent a lots of time in building reputation, and gaining respect eventually, and I really used to respect your products like India Today, Aaj Tak, etc. But you are not worth my respect, very honestly.

You claim to give free gifts worth Rs 15,490 on purchase of Rs 27,999 diamonds. When you say this, even a common man can understand that you are either lying or selling fake products to recover the amount of free gifts. The money I was about to pay you is my hard earned money, and you wanted to make some easy money by playing scams with me?

Anyways, I don’t feel like spending more time in writing about you, would like to stop here, but would definitely want to say two magical words to you for all your efforts to scam people – Fuck Off!

Soumya is the admin of Techcular. He loves to learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog a few times.

30 Comments to BagItToday – An Evil Side of India Today Group [Scam]

  1. BagItToday is the biggest scam run by the India Today Group in India, they have scammed and spammed many people, anyone who got scammed by BagItToday should share their story here so people become aware of this fraud company and stay away from them.

    • i hv already ordered a pair of watch with mobile phone of Spice QT58, for the cost of Rs.1999 +98 handling charges. the payment mode is cash on delivery. and yet to receive the packet. understand that they hv already sent. pls advice whether taking delivery of this product is workable or not?

  2. When something is too good to be true, it almost always IS.

    It’s appalling that an India Today Group company has fallen into this.

    The question that comes to mind is: “Hey, India Today! What else from your offerings are fraudulent, or border on fraud?”

  3. sankar1991

    their “winner” thing is total scam..but i must say,they do have some gr8 deals..i bought my sister 32″ lcd tv+tata sky connection for around 21000 rs/ can’t say total scam…

  4. sankar1991

    i bought a reebok watch..which was terrible was slow by one minute every hour..i.e 24 min. a day

  5. Raghav Gautam

    Was about to buy something getting an offer: 8gb pen drive free on 4gb, then I remembered your post so came to check. Thanks for saving me :P. Anyway the price they’d given for 4gb pen drive was enough for me to buy 16gb, how innovative offer: 8gb free on 4gb ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I dont know why they are spamming my inbox regularly, I think they are making India as a naigeria ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Oh man really informative post you made, Alot of negative reviews about them. I am surely not gonna buy anything from bagittoday and will not let anyone else too ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Galaxy SIII Review

    I’m too lucky that you’ve saved my $600, I too got the offer same like this and I simply rejected instantly. This brief post will help others from the scammers to save their $$$. I can’t even believe that this scammer is from so called India Today group, thanks to the mention.

    Most of the companies trying to market something trickily without knowing the consumers interest due to toughest competition, but they don’t realize about what people are thinking about after buying their products.

  9. I got a similar call this morning with a different offer. They sounded too good to be true but they didn’t knew that I’m a Commerce Guy and fooling me won’t be that easy.

    Can you believe that they asked Rs 29000 for Courier and Taxes for a “Mystery Gift Hamper” they wanna deliver to me ?

    God, save the Indians from the cheap marketing tactics of well reputed companies(like India Today) who runs SCAMS keeping their Goodwill at stake.

    If each of us Blogger will post about them then I’m sure that their company will be lost somewhere in the Corporate Trash.

  10. Sarika Totala

    I booked Holiday Package offer by BAG IT TOday. My Booking Id is 1006284787. My name Is Sarika Totala. I have booked a order by paying Rs.7000/- on Dt. 11/06/2011. I have send DD of Rs.750/- and voucher code request form for booking almost 3 months before. But still today there is no reply from Affordable Sales Promotions and/or India Today Holiday and /or Bag it today. I have tried number of times to contact on the telephone number 01206182100. But call gets disconnected automatically. I want my money back.

    • Dear Sarika
      No person is going to respond as they are not going to offer any thing. If you got their postal address please issue a legal notice as I am going to do as I have procured some 1 year back the same package but no response came even after one year.

  11. Arun Sharma

    I bought a Tab named Fujezone Smartab X88 from bagittoday, this product is not working since the day I got it I have visited there service centre and customer care centre personally but no solution was found I purchased this considering the reputation of India Today group but I think such a renowned media group, has broken all its worthiness though I have been associated with India Today since long but I dont think this co. deserves this feeling & respect as they are doing just reverse what they are known for


  12. Varaprasad.M.R.K.

    All Sirs/Madams
    It is really shame to India To-Day group for this type of scams promotion.
    I am really saved by the comments shown on the screen. My sincere request
    to all citizens is BE AWAY….DO AWAY…with this site”BAG IT TO-DAY”.

    With regards to ONE&All

  13. Vikram Singh

    thanks i was going to buy a samsung mobile from them but now u have opened my eyes thanks to you again…..:D

  14. Vikram Singh

    thanks i was going to buy a samsung mobile from them but now u have opened my eyes thanks to you again…..:)

  15. Shocked to see so many scam stories about bagittoday . wish i had read it earlier . I was promised a refund on 3 holiday packages i bought from them for 23000 rs. and i am yet to receive the money after 6 months .

  16. hi friends, this company bagittoday is doing fraud on the credit of india today group. i am one of person cheated by company.
    but we can teach them lesion just order products which are available cash on delivery and when it comes at door just denies to receive, by this way they loss two way transporting expense.

  17. India Today Group, Bag It Today, Cheating all the people, by swendling money for not wrthy products. I recently purchased Fuze Zone Mobile, but it is not working properly. While contact them, they have not even responded.

  18. Hi, i ordered hollister t-shirts from,which i got different pattern t-shirts and i paid around 2,147rs/- for those useless items which are not ordered by me, this BAGITTODAY is fraud ,never shop with this website its useless for shopping.

  19. what a shame see the belo offer what they offered me from 20th & 21st sept,2012

    they are big time scammeer,stay away from them

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  20. I agree and i see that almost all of them who had a deal with bagittoday have been cheated… I dont think we should keep quite. I placed an order for 14000 and they didnt deliver after a couple of months they are not responding and the its just as good as i have lost my money. i can be contacted @ lets fight back these fraudsters.

  21. There are other scams from TOI group , like Times Job premium account . Open a Times job account and after some days they asks to pay Rs 2000 to a bank A/C for better job offers but sends nothing.

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