BlackBerry Blade seems to be a Spiky Smartphone

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Rumors play a role like ‘30 seconds fame’ but out of those most of the one gets in to live and remain in fame for years. Among those circulating gossips we have picked up a superb one which is the first BlackBerry 10 OS device. This handset will be called as the BlackBerry Blade and brings a list of amazing configurations. It seems that the device is going to be the ‘’iPhone-killer,” In fact this design has been developed by Toronto design firm Pixelcarve which created a concept phone that undoubtedly looks awesome. The device is having a curved body along with a thin vertical slider which makes the design to be called as a great wow like gadget and it is a very catchy Smartphone which has the quality to easily tempt the buyers and will let the company to shack that heavy design.

blackberry blade

If you are incisive to have a look at the rumored specs sheet then you can go for the BlackBerry Blade which is accorded with a lot of blooming specs such as a power of a quad-core 1.5GHz processor which will ensure a great performance. It has been enabled with a 4.5 inch AMOLED display that carries 720p HD resolution and is equipped with a 12 Megapixel rear-facing primary camera as in Nokia Lumia 910 Smartphone and is spotted with a 5 Megapixel front-facing secondary shooter for video chat. The device will support 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Although we are not ready with the official word from RIM regarding the BlackBerry Blade, but the design from Pixelcarves is te3 best way to say RIM that this is what the first BlackBerry 10 Smart device should look like. In addition, certain other connectors are such as MicroHDMI, MicroVGA or MicroUSB ports, etc. We all are quite aware of the fact that BlackBerry is on its skate even in its own plot, trailing out from the top spot to the Apple iPhone in terms of Smartphone delivery. But! Is there any type of optimism for Research in Motion (RIM), which is the company after the BlackBerry and the PlayBook to reach the top again?

Companies like Nokia and Motorola were also on the turn down situation sometime in the past, but both of them somehow managed to see themselves in their respective thorny periods and are have again backed them up once again with the assortment of their courage and fate. If we talk about BlackBery, then the company had always tried out some dull and heavy designs and for which they have taken themselves to the serving plate of a tasteless dish. But if they are going to hand out some really amazing designs then they will surely be in a peak. Anyways, do you think that the BlackBerry Blade has the power to twist the fate of it by turning RIM ships around if apprehend?

Priyadarshini Pati

3 Comments to BlackBerry Blade seems to be a Spiky Smartphone

  1. Wow! Awesome… I thought Blackberry is going down now-a-days because of wide variety of Android and Windows mobiles coming to market. And if this is sure to release, i can undoubtedly say that it will beat Apple iPhone.. :)

  2. Wow! that great news.
    There are a variety of mobile and I think the market is approaching the end of the iPhone.

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