Blocking Cookies in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

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Many Windows 8 users out there might be confused over where to look for certain features or Apps as it is quite different from the earlier versions of Windows OS. Internet explorer is the default browser in Windows 8. However, many users get confused over how to enable or disable cookies in IE 10. Here is the tutorial how you can enable or disable cookies in Windows 8 internet Explorer 10.

block cookies ie10
When you visit a website for the first time, some small files are left behind on your computer they are known as cookies. This stores your personal information so that it can identify you upon visiting the site next time. When you browse the website using cookies, it asks you to fill out some kind of form listing personal information such as your name, interests, etc. This info is bundled together with the cookie and sent to your web browser. The info is stored with your web browser for future use.

If you don’t feel like browsing web with cookies then you can disable it on your windows computer.

Enable/Disable cookies in IE 10 in Windows 8

  • Go to Windows desk top mode by holding Windows key+M
  • Now, right click on the LAN icon in the desktop and select Network and sharing center
  • Select Internet options at the left pane of network and sharing center window


  • Now, a windows labeled Internet option appears, tap on the privacy tab to open it

internet options windows 8

  • Under settings you can see a bar set at medium by default. If you want to disable cookies in IE 10, then click and drag the bar upwards

Disable Cookie ie10 win 8

  • Next, click to Apply and finally hit OK
  • If you want to enable cookies in IE 10, then click and drag the bar downwards and then apply and OK to enable the cookies.

Enable Cookie ie10

However, you can also get to the Internet options directly from the gear-wheel icon at the top right of the IE 10 browser window. Upon following the steps described you can easily enable or disable cookies in Internet Explorer on your Windows 8 computer.


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