B&N NOOK Simple Touch ereader just $79

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Barnes & Noble has decided to lower the price of B&N NOOK Simple Touch and now accessible for just $79 which was $99 before. The company reduced its price by 20% discount rate just for the holiday seasons and now its cost is same with the Amazon Kindle. The weight of this device is 7.5 pounds and has a 6-inch touch screen with E Ink display and 600 x 800 pixels of resolutions. The rest of the other details related to the specs sheet of the device have been discussed ahead.nook simple touch ereader

The dimensions of B&N NOOK Simple Touch eBook reader is 6.5 x 5 x 0.47 inches and very light weight. The internal storage of the device is 2GB that can store up to 1,000 e books and also gives supports for microSD card that can be expandable up to 32GB additional storage.

This device is same cost as the Amazon charges for its entry level Kindle but the Kindle does not have a touch screen display and has advertisements features on its home screen as well as on the screen saver. The B&N NOOK Simple Touch runs on the updated version of the Google Android and it is easy to run Android apps and Amazon Kindle app with it. if we are comprising the hardware and price of the device to any other device then it is very competitive with Amazon.

However, Amazon owns more Android apps in its Android app store than the B&N because it depends on third party for storing music and video. It is very easy to carry and operates 25% faster than any other e reader and you can read without any interrupt of advertisement on the screen.

B&N NOOK Simple Touch eBook reader supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity and the gadget-supported files are such as ePub and PDF. The users can access the internet at any company owned stores and in AT&T hotspots. According to the battery manufacturer, a fully charged battery is enough for the 2months on a single charge but the battery life will survive 2 months if it utilized for 30minutes everyday without Wi-Fi.

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