Boost and Free space on Windows 8 by Clearing All Caches

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It is recommended to clear cache as it eats up much space on your system hard drive and somehow also contributes in slowing down of system performance if the cache remains for a prolonged period. You can clear cache to speed up your PC as the upon removal of temporary files frees up space and helps to run computer in a smoother way, but looking for the different caches in Windows 8 is a little trickier as compared with the previous version of Windows systems, since Windows 8 runs two environments at once i.e. the new Start Screen and desktop, you need to clear a bunch of different caches. Here is the tutorial about how you can clear all caches in Windows 8 system.Windows 8 clear cacheDeletion of Temp Files in Windows 8

To delete temporary file, go to the Start Screen and type “disk.”


Now, you get to see an option free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files under the settings tab. Simply click on it to run Disk Cleanup.

disk cleanup

Select the files that are to be deleted and you can notice the estimated space gained after the removal. Deleting only the temp files isn’t enough as there are still other Metro apps that require their own cache clearing.


Delete Internet Explorer History

Your browsing history are stored in the system, so you need to clean the history. To clear cache for the desktop version of Internet Explorer, you can prefer the previous step, but if you are operating the Metro version of Internet Explorer browser, then follow the steps indicated below.

internet option

Go to Start Screen versions of IE10 with the browser running, press Windows Key + C to bring up the charms bar. Here you can find Internet Options, click on it. You can see Delete Browsing History at the very top of the menu. Click on it to clear IE history.

Clear the Windows Store Cache

Open Run dialog using Windows Key + R and type in, WSReset and hit OK. This opens Windows Store application. On successful removal of cache, you get a confirming screen prompting the cache was cleared.

windows store cache

Clear Your Windows Search History

We use the search function the most as it helps you locating files and programs easily instead of searching both computer environments. To clear Windows Search History, open Charms Bar and hit PC Settings.

clear windows search history

Next, go to the Search tab. Now you can get Search History at the very top. Hit Delete option to the search Delete History.

You can use CCleaner to clean any cache on all other browsers along with some other unnecessary files or junks in the system.

Clear Your Live Tile Cache

Windows 8 includes the new live tiles feature on start screen. The start screen live tiles cache the data that flips across them. The live tiles cache must be cleared as well, to do so, go to start screen and open charms bar and select Settings > Tiles > and select the Clear button under the clear personal info from my tiles prompt.

Here is the tutorial how you can boost your system performance by clearing the cache in the Windows 8 system.


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