Boost your Windows 8 Speed & Performance

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It has been awhile since Microsoft released its new OS Windows 8, embedded with latest features like Windows store Apps, start screen, lock screen, etc. Microsoft has also modified the existing features in the new OS like traditional menu is renewed with metro start screen and many more. It is much faster in terms of speed and performance as compared to that of earlier versions of OS. But, due to certain reasons the speed slows down. Here is the tutorial how to speed up your Windows 8.Boost your Windows 8 Speed & Performance
When you install new software or any other third party tools, it makes your Windows 8 system slow down as most of the added programs include themselves to the start up list causing your computer boot to slow down. If you feel that your system is working slowly, then you can follow the tips to speed up your Windows 8 PC.

Different Ways to Speed up Windows 8

Clean Start up List

When you find that your system is performing slow or booting slow than how it used to be at time of purchase, then the first thing you should do is to remove or clean the unnecessary start up programs that get added up upon installing any software. Since there are number of programs that needed to be started at the time of start up, computer takes longer time to boot.

win8 startup list taskmanager

You can remove particular App that you don’t think to be necessary at the time of startup from the start up item list. Windows 8 task manager includes a tab for startup items and look for the apps that needed to be started when Windows 8 boots and disable the one which is unnecessary. You can use the advanced tool Soluto app to get an optimized start up.

Performance Information and Tools

Performance Information and Tools allows you to rate the Windows performance that is you can set settings like visual effects, indexing options, power options, disk clean up etc. to optimize the performance and speed of your Windows 8 PC. To open Performance Tools, go to start screen or menu and type Performance Information and Tools and select Settings from the side bar. You will get Windows Experience Index, this provides synopsis of your PC’s capabilities and shows you the performance of every parts of your PC. It indicates who all are performing best who all are responsible for slowing down your computer.

Performance Information and tools

Improve Performance with Advanced Tools

Under Performance Information and Tools, you can see an Advanced tools option in the left pane of the window containing tools like disk defrag, resource monitor, event log etc. You can also see notifications related with performance issues and how to deal with them. You can try a registry clean up, but make sure you to set a restore point so that you can backup registry if any error occurs.

Use ReadyBoost to Speed up your PC

speedup with readyboost

ReadyBoost can be readily used to speed up your PC by using storage space on most flash memory cards and USB flash drives. If you get an option to use ReadyBoost upon plugging your storage device, then you can autorun the USB drive showing the ReadyBoost option. You can also choose amount of memory space needed on the device to be used for speeding up your PC.

Tips to optimize your Windows 8 are discussed above, which would enhance the speed and performance of your PC.


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