Canonical’s Ubuntu OS for smartphones based on Swipe Interface

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Canonical a software development company has launched its new Ubuntu Operating System for Smartphones and the company is ready to show the Ubuntu OS at CES 2013.the kernel of the OS is based on typical Android Board Support Package, which means the vendors can use the same Android Hardware in the smartphone to run the Ubuntu package. It is a very good invention of the company, it used Android package for its core, which can minimize the vendor’s investment, and they can adopt a new OS without changing the entire hardware part. The company has already demonstrated the OS by using on a Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

canonicals ubuntu os for smartphones

Canonical is not only a first company for developing software for smartphones but also Nokia and RIM are in the race. The Nokia had used MeeGo last year on its Nokia N9 phone and we are going to see soon RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS. All the OS has based on swipe-based user interface and we can see it starting from lock screen to message updates, system status and much more. Swipe the screen from the left edge it will show the users favorite apps.

Swipe from bottom down it will show the system status and user can access all the system settings directly from it without going to setting menu. Swipe from the right edge will take you to recently used app and a swipe from the bottom edge will show you settings menu and options for any app. Swiping from left to right it will show you all the running apps.

Earlier Ubuntu used only on desktop as a system software and like the desktop OS the Ubuntu smartphone OS also handles both web apps and native apps equally. The Canonical says before the launch of the OS they will include all the big apps on the platform and even a web app will give notifications like the native app.

The Ubuntu smartphone OS will have a universal search bar that will search your stuff on the device and also can perform online search depending the search query. Swipe top down and you can access all your messages and you can get notifications for your Email, SMS, MMS, Facebook and Twitter in one place. The Ubuntu implementing Cloud storage for storing the data and can able to access photos and other media files across the devices running on the other platform too.

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