Change Background Color for Windows 8 Logon Screen

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Windows 8 log screen has a default background which doesn’t alter even if you change the background for the lock screen. Users out there might be well aware about the lock screen and logon screen and the metro start screen in Windows 8; these screens are quite different from the earlier version of Windows OS. The lock screen background can be changed as discussed in an article previously. Here is the tutorial for how to change the default background color for the Windows 8 logon screen.

Change Background Color for Windows 8 Logon Screen
There are many software’s available to customize Windows 8. The Windows 8 lock screen appears soon after the boot screen followed by the logon screen. There you get to see user account.

logon screen user's account

Therefore changing the lock screen doesn’t affect the logon screen in any way. If you wish to change the default color of the logon screen to a desired color, then this tutorial will let you know how you can change the background color of the logon screen by using two ways.

  • Using the Registry
  • Using a third party software – Sign in Screen Background Color Changer

Changing the Color for Logon Background in Windows 8

Using the Registry Editor

Follow the steps given below to change the logon screen background color.

  • Press Windows key+R to open the Run Dialog box
  • Now, open Registry Editor by typing regedit.exe in the run box and hit Enter key
  • In the Registry Editor Window, navigate to KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Accent

Change Logon Screen Background Color

  • If you don’t find any Accent key under Explorer, then you can create one.
  • To the right-pane, right click and create a new 32-bit DWORD value and rename it as DefaultColorSet and set its value between 2 to 24 (Decimal)

Change Logon Screen Background Color set defaultcolor

  • When you are done close the Registry Editor

Reboot your system and you can see that the background color has changed. But make sure to create a restore point before editing the Registry.

Using Sign in Screen Color Changer

Manually editing the registry to change the background color for Windows 8 involves risk as deletion of any important entries can cause many errors in your system. In addition to this one needs to calculate the color scheme number before assigning the value in the Registry.

Many users who don’t prefer any changing any of the entries in the Registry or user those who are not good to deal with the registry they can prefer taking the help of software named the Sign In Screen Color Changer for Windows 8 to change the Background color. This utility not only changes the background color of the logon screen but also set the same color for sign-in screen and Start screen with a mouse click.

Sign In Screen Color

Sign In Screen Color Changer also allows you to choose a background color from a total of twenty six colors. The color Changer can run without installation that is portable and can change the background color without installing the software. This utility program is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 8 systems. Choose the right versions from the zipped file when you download them and run it accordingly.

Now, you can customize your logon screen with colors of your wish by following the above tutorial.


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