How to Change or Re-Enter Product Key to Activate Windows 7 and Vista

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Windows 7 and Vista has built a new graphical user interface to change or re-enter product key no. Product key is also known as serial no or CD key no. It is possible to change your previously entered product key no using this simple GUI method. Entering your serial no is mandatory in order to activate Windows 7 or Vista copy. If you are facing activation problems, you can use the keys and activate it again without more any hassles.

Activate Windows 7 or Vista by changing or re-entering product key

  1. Click on Start button
  2. Right click on Computer icon >> Select System Properties from the options
  3. Click on Change product key from Windows activation section
  4. change windows 7 product key

  5. In the product key box, enter your product key no and click on Next
  6. change product key

  7. Windows will activate your Windows 7 copy online
  8. You are done.

While going through above steps, Windows might ask you to enter your admin (local computer) ID and password. Enter them each time to continue. Windows might also show you an activation wizard, simply navigate through it and activate your installation.

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5 Comments to How to Change or Re-Enter Product Key to Activate Windows 7 and Vista

  1. I have a version activated with an OEM key, and when I following the instructions above to try and change it to a key I purchased, there is no link for "Change Product Key" beside my activated OEM key number. What should I do?

  2. @ Bcoleman : If your system came with Windows 7 as pre-installed, you should refer to the manuals for more details on this. Else the above steps work perfectly on any Vista or Windows 7 system.

  3. I have recently installed windows 7 Ultimate on my computer. i need help that in the System Properties > windows Activation there is no link to change product key. please help me reslove this issue

  4. ralph vallangca

    im looking a new product key for my windows 7 Ultimate..
    ive tried so many keys but it doesnt work..can you pls help me..

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