Default FullZoom Level Changes Firefox Default Zoom Level

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If you are a Firefox user and a website use fonts that are either to large or to small, then you can zoom in or out of a web page temporarily. But the sad part about Firefox is that it is unable to save zoom levels for future browsing sessions. You cannot set a different zoom level for all websites. To ignore this situation, you can use Default FullZoom Level. It is a useful Firefox extension that resolves the issue. It can easily set a specific default zoom level.

firefox default zoom level

If you want bigger fonts for instance, you can increase the zoom level to 125 or 150. Likewise if you want a smaller screen , then you can select any number below 100. This change will be valid for all web pages in the browser. Every time when the browser starts up, the zoom level is automatically set to the selected value.

Keyboard shortcut:

  • TextZoom reduce :accel+ , (comma)
  • TextZoom enlarge :accel+/
  • TextZoom reset :accel+ . (dot)
  • Fullzoom Fit to window: accel+shift+?
  • Fullzoom reduce : default(accel+-)
  • Fullzoom enlarge : default(accel++)
  • Fullzoom reset : default(accel+0)

One of the best things about Default FullZoom Level is that it remembers site specific zoom levels. It is useful for Firefox users who do not want to change the default zoom level for all websites. Simply change the zoom level on an individual web page, in order to change zoom level the default from then on.

Install Default FullZoom Level


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