How to Change Your IP Address Instantly

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Several file sharing websites such as Rapidshare, Megaupload etc applies IP download limit to ensure limited download slots to free users. They log user IP address and allow next file download after a certain period of time. But you can easily bypass their waiting time if you change your IP address. Users generally switch off and switch on their internet modems to get a new IP address assigned, but this trick does not work all the time.

Here is a simple trick to change IP address instantly without restarting your cable modem. You don’t even need to use any proxy websites, proxy IP, IP hide tools etc, a simple trick which takes around 1 minute will change your IP address instantly.

  1. Copy the following commands into notepad
  2. Echo ipconfig/flushdns
    echo ipconfig/release
    echo ipconfig/renew

    change ip address

  3. Save the file as ipchange.bat
  4. Double click on it to run the commands
  5. The above commands will reset your modem and you will get a new IP address
  6. You are done.

If you are using Vista, don’t double click on the file. Instead right click on ipchange.bat >> select Run as Administrator to run the file. The above trick will work if your ISP provides dynamic IP, where IP address changes on every modem restart or reset.

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2 Comments to How to Change Your IP Address Instantly

  1. William Edward Mason

    One way to change your IP address is to use an IP changer. When you connect to the IP changer you are creating a tunnel to the changer's server. From a destination website point of view, it appears like you are surfing from that server instead of the one provided by your ISP or your work. They see the IP address from the IP changer's server and not yours.

    Typically users can pick any number of free change IP services out there. However, it's always a good idea to know who is running the change IP service because everything you do goes through their servers. Maybe that's ok if you aren't doing anything with log ins or money, but it's not safe otherwise.

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