Change Windows 8 Metro Start Screen Tile Size with MetroScaler

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Metro start screen, the most talked about feature in Windows 8. By now almost all are quite aware of the new metro screen interface and the live tiles. The Modern UI is optimized for all types of display resolutions. The number of tiles or the rows in the interface adjusts itself automatically according to the display or current screen resolution. But, Windows 8 doesn’t provide any option to customize it. Here is the tutorial how you can customize the tiles i.e. increase or decrease the tile row or say the size of the start screen tiles on your Windows 8 PC.

change tile size metroscaler

The new start screen has grabbed a lot of user’s attention, but there are also users who are little annoyed of the new start screen and if you are novice then it may take some time to get along with it. The removal of traditional start screen has been troubling users. But, if you are the one who is quite fond of the new metro start screen, then here is how you can customize the tiles on the screen.

Many users out there must surely be looking for how to customize the start screen tiles. The new UI is has been optimized for all types of display resolutions. You can now easily increase or decrease the tile row manually using a freeware tool called MetroScaler.

MetroScaler is a simple, portable and completely free app that allows you to change the dimension of the tiles displayed on Windows 8 Start Screen. This portable app is easy to use with a friendly interface, you just need to download and run the app.

Firstly, download the App and on running the app, you see a window with a slider. You can drag the slider and select the screen size according to your suitability. This app provides you to select from 5 inch to 25 inches screen size. Upon clicking the scale button, the system needs a restart to complete the operation. For instance, if are on a 25 inch screen desktop and have selected the display scaling as 5 inch, you can see that the size of the metro tiles increased.


Each time you attempt to change the size of the tiles, the system needs to be rebooted. If you are fond of customizing the start screen, this app is a good enough to increase the size of the metro tiles on a large screen.

Although, Windows8 doesn’t provide an option to change the tile size, you can now achieve this for free with MetroScaler.


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