Change Your Keyboard Layout by Adding different Languages in Windows 8

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If English is not your Primary language and you find difficulty in accessing the key Window settings on your Windows 8, then here is the tutorial how you can change the keyboard layout to access your Windows 8 more efficiently. Due to various changes and added features in Windows 8, many users find a bit difficult to access the new OS interface. So, you can follow the tutorial here to change the keyboard layout which is not as easy as compared to that of the earlier versions of Windows OS.change keyboard layout windows8

With the changes brought out in Windows 8, certain small changes are made in the Windows 8 Control Panel, which involves splitting the Region and Language applet into two separate applets, thereby making the keyboard layout a little more complicated than the prior versions of Windows OS.

Prior to the earlier versions of Windows OS where you were able to launch the control panel easily from the start menu and access these settings, but looking for control panel in Windows 8 is not that simple anymore.

It is from the control panel where one can find many most hidden settings in Windows along with many other information that are hardly known to many users out there. The tutorial here will let you know how you can quickly access the control panel in Windows 8 and start configuring hidden settings and change the keyboard layout to the language that is easier for you to understand to deal with the key settings in Windows 8.

Change Keyboard Layout in Windows 8

  • Hold down Windows Key + X from your keyboard, this will open Windows 8 Tools Menu from there select Control Panel


  • Press Windows Key + R key combination and select Control Panel from the context menu that appears

open control panel

  • Next, click Change input methods under clock, Languages, Region heading or click to switch to the Small icons view under category view and select language

change input language

  • Now, you are on the language preferences screen here select to Add a language

change your language preferences add language

  • Next, select the language you wish to add to queue and hit the Add tab

add language win8

  • Finally, select the new language and select the Move up button in order to make it your primary language.

moveup language preference

To effect the changes made, you need to restart your Windows 8 computer.

When the system boots again you will notice that your primary keyboard will be the one you want to see and use more often. By changing the preference language it will become easier for you to look for key settings on the new Windows 8 OS.


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