Check and Find Invisible or Blocked MSN Messenger Users

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Most chat messaging services allow users to sign in using invisible mode, so that no one will be able to see their online status. This is pretty useful for those users who want to be online yet appear offline to all contacts, but this is irritating for the end users who want to talk when they come online. Previously I’ve written posts on how to find invisible or offline friends on Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk, now it’s time to know how to find offline or blocked users on MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.

There are not many working tools available to check invisible MSN messenger contacts, since Microsoft has patched and fixed the hole that these third part services were using to track offline, invisible or blocked contacts. However, you can try MSN Status Checker, an online tool which shows if users from your friends list are actually offline or online with invisible option activated.

MSN Status Checker

MSN Status Checker is a free online MSN users status checking tool where you just have to enter your friend’s MSN ID and hit the Submit button. It will automatically track and will show you the results. However, few times it displays wrong answers just because of insufficient access to MSN Messenger’s database. Also, this trick does not work if the user has selected “only people in my allow list can see my status and send me messages” option from the settings menu.

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1 Comment to Check and Find Invisible or Blocked MSN Messenger Users

  1. oceansheart

    dear friend

    if i go through that web and choose MSN Delete Checker and write my email address and password..does my email will be hacked and stole from me if i put my email add and password?

    in another words have you tried it and find out it is a safe web and do u trust it ?

    great thanks

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