Check If Someone is Invisible, Offline Or Blocked You On GTalk

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GTalk is one of the most used messaging services on internet. People love GTalk because it’s easy to use and light. GTalk does not use much resources of your system. It’s fast and easy to get installed. And above all, it can integrate all your Gmail and Orkut contacts in one place and that’s why GTalk is getting more popular day by day. After all it’s a Google product, hence it should be also.

Initially Gtalk was not having any invisible option in it. Which means you will get noticed by all your friends once you log in. But later, after a lots of requests from it’s users, GTalk decided to start this invisible feature. But, they started this invisible feature for those who uses GTalk from GMail or Orkut. If you are using GTalk from your desktop, you may not get this facility.


In this post I will guide you with three things that you might find interesting. You can consider these as GTalk tricks. And the three things are:

  1. How to know if someone is invisible on GTalk.
  2. How to know if someone is offline or not.
  3. How to know if someone has blocked you on Gtalk or not.

Lets get started step by step. I am sure, you will have fun reading these Gtalk tricks.

How To Know if Someone is Invisible or Offline on GTalk :

People activate this invisible feature for many reasons. They might be busy or do not want anyone to disturb them. They want to chat with few people they want or they want to stay hidden and contact the persons they wish. I always stay invisible on Gtalk, so that I can talk with the persons I want πŸ˜‰

Now if you want to fool the people and know about their online status even when they have logged in with invisible feature activated, then this is possible. Poor Gtalk! There are two ways to do this.

  • You need to have a GPRS enabled mobile handset.
  • Download a free software called gotalkmobile on your handset and install it.
  • After the installation, log on to your GTalk account with your login details.
  • Now, this will show you the entire online friends list. It does not matter if they are online or invisible.
  • In this way you can catch your offline friends as well. The persons who are being shown as offline, are not present on GTalk.
  • And you are done above. You will notice those online (visible + invisible) as well as the offline friends.

And the second method as described by Deepak jain is :

  • Set the chat as off the record with target user. This can be done only when the other user is online.
  • Now try sending chat to that user when he is invisible or offline.
  • If he is invisible, then he will receive chat.
  • But if he Is offline, then you will receive error β€œ<username> did not receive your chat”.

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on Gtalk :

Now this is worth exciting. Few times we notice friends not contacting us for a long time. Even though we send them messages, they never reply us back. It can happen because of three reasons.

  1. He/She is avoiding you. (Are you that much notorious?)
  2. He/She is offline since a long! (This is a busy world, really!)
  3. He/she blocked you on GTalk! (He/she did not find a friend in you!)

Whatever the reson may be, it’s nice to find the reason yourself. Let’s find out the exact reason of not getting a reply back. But for this you need to have PIDGIN and configure it properly. Pidgin is a third party tool, available for free. You can use all your messenger accounts at once using this software. You can talk to your friends using AIM, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, IRC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, QQ, Lotus Sametime, SILC, SIMPLE, MySpaceIM, Zephyr etc. Read the below steps properly.

How to configure PIDGIN for GTalk : (Via Rakshit)

  • Download Pidgin.
  • Go To Accounts –> Manage –> Add.
  • It will open a new window Add Accounts.
  • From the drop down box choose XMPP as the Protocol.
  • In case of Screen name enter your Gmail Id (e.g. – solid.blogger).
  • Type as the Domain/Server.
  • In Resource Field enter Home.
  • Type your Gmail Password in the Password Field.
  • Choose any Nickname (e.g. – Bapun) as Local alias.

configure pidgin with gtalk

And you are done with Pidgin settings. Now lets play with Pidgin to find those GTalk contacts who has blocked you. For this follow the below mentioned steps.

1. sign in to GTalk on PIDGIN with your details

2. Go to Buddies –> Show Offline Buddies (The person who has blocked you is being shown as offline to you. So, in this way you can catch him.)

who blocked you on gtalk

3. Now all available contacts will be visible to you. Select any one contact from that list.

4. Right click on that selected contact, and click on Get Info.

who has blocked you on google talk

5. Now here is the twist. Clicking on Get Info will show the brief profile of the person. But now if the person has blocked you on Google Talk, you won’t be able to see his/her full profile. You can’t even see his/her profile name.

know if someone blocked you on gtalk

This is the best way to know if someone has blocked you on google talk or not. If he has blocked you, then he will appear to you forever. I guess this the best way to find the person who is either offline or invisible or has blocked you on google talk. Also read How To Use Gtalk In Firefox Sidebar.

Soumya is the admin of Techcular. He loves to learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog a few times.

51 Comments to Check If Someone is Invisible, Offline Or Blocked You On GTalk

  1. i dont get a +ve response after doing all great stuff

    its nt working

    could any one of u solve i t out

  2. quick question-if I do this, for some it shows up as "" and under profile it says status: offline

    but for others, it will show a profile picture and a "Full Name"

    does just showing status as offline mean blocked or does the entire box have to be blank?

    • Bapun…. if u send a message to someone on pidgin who u suspect is blocking u…. I get an error "message delivery to xxxxx failed…." so does this mean it is confirmed i have been blocked?

  3. another way might be when you click on the id of the person ,XX,you suspect of removing you,and the small pop up window appears..the message says

    "XX is offline."

    if XX removed you otherwise you get this message

    "XX is offline. You can still send this person messages and they will receive them the next time they are online "

  4. Hi, I found your article interesting and tried it to know whether my gtalk account was blocked by someone. I just wanted to know,suppose if my gtalk id is blocked then whoever has blocked my id,his profile details will be completely blank,right??? I can see just the full name and the photo,does that mean i am blocked???

  5. Also i want to find out whether some one is invisible without the use of mobile……is it possible to find out through PIDGIN if some one is invisible????

  6. This is truly for losers who have no respect for people's privacy. If someone doesn't want to talk to you and you go through all of this to find out why they aren't talking to you….I understand why they hide from u online. Get a real life!

    • If you think human relationships are so straightforward then you have no right to speak. While on the computer it's as simple as block/unblock there are nuances that make it useful to know what the other person has done sometimes. Are you seriously proposing, KM, that human interaction is simple enough to be left to block/unblock circumstances notwithstanding?

      Sounds silly when you put it that way, doesn't it. So does your post.

  7. @ Poulomi : Nope, you can still see the person's profile page even if he/she has blocked you. Pidgin is a Windows based application and hence can't be accessed from mobile phones.

  8. Hey.. then go talk mobile thing is ok ! Is there no way to do it with ur comp directly ! I mean w/o using ur mobile !

  9. Dude u rock !!!

    you have solved one of my biggest problem.

    btw my invisible thing didnt work out but the blocked one did .

    please help.

  10. when you check get info, for yahoo… it almost never has any information and usually says that it is in a format that cannot be read. with msn, it has : has you and blocked… the blocked does not mean if THEY blocked you, it is to let you know if YOU blocked them. Also, I am doubtful that the missing information/prfile pic is a way to tell if u are blocked on google. if YOU block them this information disappears… or at least it shows the contact as offline without a pic, but I am fairky certain that I am blocked and yet I still see a pic and the contacts name. Anypne able to clear this up for me?

    • So I just see [status: offline] but I can't see the person's image.

      Only if you can't see anything at all it means they've blocked you, right?

      Or does it mean they've blocked you if you can't see their picture?

  11. hayy .. i wanted to know … if anyones status just reads as offline …

    no name no photo nothing .. does this mean this person has blocked me ..

    coz earlier wen i used pidgin .. this persons name would appear nd also the photo .. but no more .. and with rest of the contact their name and if they have a display pic both appear !!

    please help

    • @ Neha : Well, if someone's status is appears far different from others in Pidgin/Gtalk, major chances are that you have been blocked. Few times this can also happen if that user has deleted his Google account completely. You can never be sure.

  12. the thing is earlier i could see the name and the photo using pidgin . but now it only shows status offline .. so hve i been blocked .. really ??

  13. Can you further explain the mobile handset version of finding invisible users? I don't understand your two last bullet points. How do I know if someone is invisible on the list of contacts? I am using this on an iphone.

  14. i got 2 know bout dis pidgin thing recently…i wanted 2 know, is it essential 2 use pidgin on a GPRS enabled handset? or can it b used on a lappy /PC just d same?

    i tried downloadin pidgin in my lappy.. tried 2 -3 links..each of files were corrupt..could u please provide me wid d link 4 downloadin ? it would b awesome 2 find out ppl who r invisible n who hav blockd reply :)

  15. "XX is offline. You can still send this person messages and they will receive them the next time they are online" vs "xx is offline" .. the contact sometimes says either of this .. wat does it imply in both the cases

  16. One can remain invisible to a specific user:

    By blocking anyone for chatting, irrespective of your status, you appear as 'offline' to all those users whom you have blocked…

    This isnt exactly as invisible…. cuz you cannot receive chats from blocked users…

    but still, you can avoid chats with them…

  17. Brainiac techie

    its very easy to find what you can see on pidgin window if you are blocked. Create another gmail account. Add your email address to this new account and block it. Now check on the pidgin. It generally shows status as offline and no picture and no full name. This indicates that pidgin trick works

  18. badiuddin shaik

    how to know the location information and complete details of person chatting on gmail….please mail

  19. The Go Talk Mobile Doesn't seem to work. Update: 18-06-2010

    It does show my friend as "Offline" when in reality he is "Invisible".

    Thanks for the information though

  20. Actually the block checker works well with gmail accounts (I haven’t checked with any other IM client though) i have two gmail accounts and i blocked one account and checked as told from the other, and it showed me as offline (without the name full name information). As soon as i unblocked me and logged off. It showed my status as offline but also the full name.

    The thumb rule here, is to check for the full name column and not the not the profile picture.

  21. hiii…. i m using orkut n there is a frn in my profile.actually m not getting his updates but my other frnz r getting the updates of his profile.Whenevr i visit his profile it always show my profile icon as invisible but not on my other frnz profile.He alwayz cum as visible on my profile but i am always seen as invisible only on his profile.Am i blocked by him????Plz Plz reply….

  22. actually there is a easier way built in gmail that allow you to know. simply click on to show the “contact details”, if the person has blocked you, you can see his or her email address on the bottom of the google+ profile. very easy to tell.

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