How to Check and Pay LIC Premium Online

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Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest insurer in India that provides a number of insurance products with various other services to keep the track of policy status, premium details and pay policy premiums. Earlier insurance product holders used to pay their premiums at LIC office or through LIC agents, but now they can easily check LIC policy status and pay their premiums online using the online payment facility. The online payment facility is applicable for premium payments, policy renewals, tracking policy details etc.

In order to use LIC online payment service, you need to get registered with them first. After successful registration, you can change or enter your profile informations and list all the policies registered under your name. You can also enroll all the policies of your family member in your account too, to know their policy status, premium due dates etc, however, you are allowed to pay your policy premiums only. Your family members need to create separate accounts to make their payments.

lic policy details onlineAdding Policies to LIC Online Account

After successful registration, you can login to your online LIC account by providing the valid login details such as username and password. In the left side of your account homepage, you can find a number of of tabs. In order to add polices to your account, click Enroll Policies and provide the policy details such as name of the policy holder, policy number and premium amount. Once you provide all informations correctly, it should reflect the policy details and display the policy under your account. Once the policy gets added, you should be able to pay premiums. Similarly you can see all added policies under your account by clicking the Enrolled policies tab, which displays the lapsed polices as well.

lic premium onlinePaying LIC Policy Premium Online

In order to pay pay your policy premium online, you need to click on Pay Premium Online tab from the right side tabs menu. Once you click the said link, you will land on a page that displays a list of all your polices that are due to be paid. Select a policy to make the payment and proceed to pay it online. LIC supports all major Indian banks net banking payment system with Citibank and Union bank debit card payments. Unfortunately you can’t pay your premium dues online using a credit card as of now.

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164 Comments to How to Check and Pay LIC Premium Online

  1. Debabrata Das


    i want to know my policy status

    Policy no 426481591.

    Or sent the status in the email id which i have sent to u.

    Date – 10-04-2010.

  2. uma Bhunwaliya


    My Police No 195549008

    name in uma amount in

    10000 /- The Annual Perm em

    There Permem give in Lic office Tonk Branch but now next permem not sumbatted the police

    Countinu .


    A-9 Madhuvan

    Colony Tonk Phatak Jaipur

    Mo 9983811480

  3. jaynti m patel

    april 19, 2010


    i want to know my uncle/aunti policy status of

    policy no:864389042,

    864389035.if you send this status at your home address.

  4. mukesh tripathi

    please send me my policy status for these policy no.




  5. dear

    i want to know about loan against my policy i have taken an policy Amt is 41746/- per year dt of joining is 20/06/2007 till dt i have paid my amt hw much amount i can take as loan and hw i will repay my amt back what will be the rate of interest

  6. kamelesh jangid

    please send my policy status full details

    my policy-19333074

    instalment—1552/-rs.half year plan




  7. plese send me that after complete plan mujhe kitna paisa milega

    policy no. 331969187

    intalment yrly


  8. dear sir
    i want to detail of my account plz send me detail
    policy no. 271986004
    plz sir/mem send me fast

  9. julietrobert

    please send me by my email status report of policy no 795475613 and 793740740
    and next date for payment.

  10. i want to know the policy status for 783616745 , 382191892 , 381190831, 381197587. kindly provide full details and payment status.

  11. narsihamma

    i want know my policy stutas
    my number 687971703
    i need urgent for this polocy stutas

  12. sanjay bisht

    iam sanjay singh bisht

    my daughter’s policy no. is 273250405
    i just want my policy detail
    and next premium date.

  13. Kapil Verma

    please send me by my email status report of policy no 300780021 and 300780022
    in the name of kapil & sandeep
    and next date for payment.

    • sandeep kumar

      plese send me that after complete plan mujhe kitna paisa milega

      policy no. 515711577

      intalment qutly


  14. sandeep kumar

    plese send me that after complete plan mujhe kitna paisa milega

    policy no. 514507643

    fully intalment


  15. Achankunju Thomas

    Please send me the status of my following policy Nos in the above mentioned email ID
    1) 390515701
    2) 950733117
    3) 952501039

    With Regds
    Achankunju Thomas

  16. Sachin Pallolam

    My Policy number is 882809524,Table no 180.
    Please send the status to or Please send the link my mail ID.
    Looking for your positive reply.
    Thanks in advance

  17. Suresh Kumar Gupta

    Let me know Fulldetails of My Child’s LIC Policy No. 185945973 Yearly Instalment Rs.4895/-
    issued from Beawar (Raj. )Branch on dt 02.09.2008 Name Kapil Khandelwal
    Date of Birth i.e. 25.05.94
    Earlier i have enrolled the policy in my LIC Loging portal but now it has been disappear from the portal and now not able to enrolle again.
    Let me educate how i will enrolle it and reason of disappear from my LIC loging portal

    Mob No. 09001090801 , 09929568325

  18. P. Srinivasarao

    I registered all of my policies in an account. But I forgot my userID and password.
    My Date of Birth is 21/07/1967. One of the policy numbers is 641389855 premium Rs.510.
    How to I recollect my Account. My Email address is
    Please advise me – Thanq

  19. Sanjeev Kumar Thakur

    I want to see my policy details on line, please guaide me.

    Policy no. 512465421
    Name – Sanjeev Kumar Yhakur
    Premium Rs. 3225/- (Quaterly)

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanjeev Kumar Thakur

  20. Sanjeev Kumar Thakur

    I want to now details of LIC premium by mail

    policy no. 512465421

    Name – Sanjeev Kumar Thakur

    Premium Rs.3225/- (Qurterly)

    Thanks & Regards

  21. seema pruthi

    please send me by my email status report of policy no 116269755 and 116269894
    and next date for payment.


    Please send me the status of my below policy.

    1. 947882238
    2. 947547084
    3. 947883049
    4. 947319761

  23. i want to now about my policy status i choose lic profit plus plan client name balja rawal policy no.302027911 LIC company withdraw money quaterly through ECS on HDFC bank. plan start 5/5/2010 i am not check my account regularly problem is that i dont know lic withdraw amount on my account. so please send me detail for insure.THANKS


    645857191 paid receipt no 2434162 . however we have received a leeter saying we have not paid pl confirm the correctness

  25. swapnil b ghosale

    Dear Sir,
    My policy no 883137012,883137013,883137014,883137015,883137016,883137017,883137018,883137019,883137020,883137021,883137022.Sir please send me my policy details on my email id.

    Thanks Sir,

  26. jyoti prakash pathak

    I WANT TO KNOW DETAILS OF FOLLOWING 214762535 ‘ 240923277,217891819,214732012

  27. Subhash Kumar.s

    Dear sir/mdm

    My LIC no: 320602484

    Pls give me this two policy status. That is last payed premium and next due date.

  28. Anil Kumar


    please let me know my lic policy status deposited on 30/06/2011 at 10:25 AM at Jehanabad (Bihar) LIC Office

    MY POLICY NO IS 517848375

  29. mohammad khalid reza khan

    dear sir/madam
    i want to detail of my a/c plz send me detail policy no. 538361570

  30. sandeep s bhosale

    My LIC Acount number is – 924919769
    I want to my LIC premiam statment please send to my email


  31. R.Muruganandam

    dear sir

    I want to know my Lic status policy no743195028 and last premium paid details

  32. Anuj Maheshwari

    Kindly send me my LIC Policy Status, means when I have last payed the installment and next when it is due. My policy numbers are : 271885126 and 270162354


  33. Santosh Prasad

    Respected Sir,

    My self Santosh Prasad & My LIC Policy number is 164861049. Please send status this policy number my email id or my cell no. 8950633793

  34. indubala sharma

    sir/madam i want to know the due premium status of my nephew RAJARSHI SHARMA has two policies & his policy no. is (1)346033758 and premium amount is 3167/- and (2)346033759 premium amount is 3103/-
    send in your website

  35. Sir, I have a policy with you ,Pol no-571120137, policy holder’s name- R Dalai, I want to know the last payment details of my policy,So please provide the details….

  36. sonal sharma

    i want to know my status report of policy no. 560637856and how much is due and when we have to pay.
    plz favour this

  37. please send me by my email status of policy no 412267888,412269008,411663763,413581910 and my total outstanding premiums.
    Arpana dasgupta


    Pl’s send my policy statment via attached E-mail. my policy no is…….

  39. diddi suryarao

    i want to know my lic money plus status where my policy number is 803581228. hope you soon have yur attention on this request.

  40. Prem Lal Sharma

    S.N. PREM LAL SHARMA sum assured D.O.C.
    1 152437869 51000/- 15/3/2004
    2 152483399 1 lac 17.4.2007
    3 152498072 1 lac 9.1.2009
    4 153938390 11.4.2011

  41. Thilagavathi

    I want to know details about my policy status. policy number:762752665.
    we stopped payment few months before now we planned to continue the same. can u provide the details of the policy and how much we need to pay for the next premium.

  42. P. Nageshwara Rao


    Please provide my LIC login user ID and Password.

    My Details:

    Name : P. Nageshwara Rao
    Policy No : 604637550
    Date of Birth : 25/04/1978
    Postal Address:
    Appannapet Village
    Garidepally Mondal
    Nalgonda Dt

    Please help me….

  43. Sandeep yadav

    sir please send me the details of my lic policy account balance whose policy number is-231975462 on my e-mail id.i will be very thankfull for it,

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