Chitika Switches Payment Option from Paypal to Check for Indian Publishers

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Due to the sudden change in Paypal policy, all personal payments were reversed from Paypal India user accounts. This affected a lots of people including bloggers, webmasters, online vendors or even personal users as the reversed transaction were least expected to come back, and to make the matter worse Paypal did not come forward either to apologize or to make an official statement. Finally a post on Paypal blog confirmed that personal payments option will not be available to Indian users for the time being while the publisher payment reversal was caused by an technical error.

And here is an another bad news for Indian publishers – Chitika switched the payment option from Paypal to check for all Indian publisher without any prior information.

Chitika changed Paypal payment option to check

I got a mail from Chitika just before a couple of minutes, which was saying:


Since PayPal has blocked personal payments to India, we have switched your account “XXXXXXX” to receive check payments going forward.

The total amount being sent to you in a check is $****.**.  This is your total balance – including your payment from last month plus your payment from this month.

VERY IMPORTANT:  This is the address we have on file – the postman will deliver your check to the following address:

**** Address ****

If this address is incorrect, you must login to your Chitika account by 3:00pm US EST on Friday, February 26 to change to the correct address.

If you have any questions regarding this change to your payments, please contact your account manager or contact Chitika support.

[Note – if you earn over $1000 per month, you are eligible for wire transfer.  Please contact your account manager or submit a ticket to Chitika customer support if you would like to set this up.]

Best Regards,
The Chitika Team

Now what the hell is this? After the Paypal issue, several ad networks re-issued their payments including Infolinks. Since Paypal was experiencing some technical problems, the payments were reversed but then after a couple of days (around 10 days) I started getting the payments re-issued, which means that Paypal has fixed the mass payments problem (ad networks use mass payment option to issue payments to all publishers) wither temporarily or permanently.

Chitika never tried to resend the money using Paypal and changed the payment option to check even without seeking publisher authorization. Most Indian banks take more than 20 days to clear US checks and charge hefty commissions for this as well. Let’s say a publisher gets $50 check from Chitika, then he would just get around $20 – $25 out of that as the banks charge between $25 – $30 to clear US checks. Isn’t this pathetic now?

If you are an Indian publisher, how are you going to deal with this Chitika issue? Will you contact Chitika to hold your payments until they continue paying via Paypal again or you don’t mind receiving payments via paper check?

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  1. Hi Bapun –

    First, I want to tell you that I am sorry this has been so frustrating – we are every bit as frustrated as you are.

    We have spoken with the people at PayPal, and they have explicitly told us NOT to use the mass payment method to send money to India. They indicated that even if the money does go through, there could still be problems with those transactions going forward.

    In light of this – these are your best options for now:

    1.)Use the check payment method. If the bank fees are an issue, then you can set your account to hold your check until you cross a higher amount (such as $100, $500, etc.).

    2.)Use a non-Indian PayPal account. If you have a non-Indian PayPal account, your payments will go through. Just login to your Chitika account and enter your new PayPal address in that field.

    3.)For users who earn over $1000/month, we do offer wire payments. Please contact your account manager, or Chitika Support and they can help you set this up.

    Hopefully these methods will suffice until PayPal fixes their system – we are hoping they can take care of this problem quickly so we can get you back to your preferred payment method.

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